Financial Aid (Tuition Grants)

Financial Aid (Tuition Grants) are awarded from our Moeller Endowment Program and are based on a needs assessment. The assessment is conducted by a third-party, Private School Aid Service (PSAS). PSAS requires their form to be completed using your prior year’s tax returns, as well as other family demographic information.

Click here to download the PSAS application for the March 1, 2014, deadline.

There are two application deadlines:
1.    December 2, 2013: This application deadline is required for any of the following students:
  1. Students applying for the Class of 2018 who are requesting financial assistance;
  2. Current Moeller students or students applying for the Class of 2018 AND applying for a need-based scholarship;
  3. Current Moeller students or students applying for the Class of 2018 who have another child in another Catholic school with a November/December deadline.
Please note:  Financial aid for the Class of 2018 will be made from the December 2, 2013, deadline. Those applying for the Class of 2018 who do not apply prior to the December 2, 2013, deadline may not be eligible to receive financial aid.

2.    March 1, 2014: This application deadline applies to current Moeller students or potential incoming transfers requesting financial assistance.

Application & Notification

  • Those applying by December 2, 2013, do not need to reapply for the March 1, 2014, application deadline. Those applying using the December deadline will have their information added to the group using the March deadline. Thus there is no need to apply twice.
  • For the Class of 2018: Notification to those receiving financial aid and or need-based scholarships will be mailed on January 3, 2014.
  • Notification of financial aid for those applying using the March 1, 2014, deadline will be mailed by April 1, 2014. 

Financial aid applications must be completed on a yearly basis. Amount of aid will vary and will depend on need as assessed through filing the PSAS form, amount of aid available in the Moeller Endowment Fund, and the relative need of the applicants for the upcoming school year.


  • The 2012-13 school-year tuition was $10,850 (includes laptop fee and tuition deposit).
  • The 2013-14 school-year tuition was $11,600 (includes laptop fee and tuition deposit).

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