School Symbols

School Motto: "Nova bella elegit Dominus" (Judges 5:8)

The motto of Archbishop Moeller High School is one of Father Chaminade's favorite Biblical quotations: "Nova bella elegit Dominus," (Judges 5:8), meaning "The Lord has chosen new wars." Man's separation from God has resulted in new world problems and disorders.

Mary, God's chosen instrument for revealing Christ to humanity, is the inspiration for a new kind of Christian leader who combats these disorders by rekindling everywhere the torch of faith.

Original School Seal

The seal pictured right has identified Moeller since the school’s inception in 1960 and incorporates among other ideas the name, the location, and the motto of the school. The five-pointed star is taken from the coat of arms of the Society of Mary. The dove standing on the orb is taken from an engraving of St. Henry Moeller, after whom Archbishop Moeller High School is named. The plow in the lower left-hand corner represents Cincinnatus, the Roman general who was called from his farming to serve his country in its time of need. Lastly, the "M" and the torch stand for the Marianists who bring the torch of learning to their students. This seal is used on official Moeller documents, such as school diplomas.

New School Seal & Logo

MoellerFullLogo.SignatureSizeIn 2003, Moeller officially adopted the logo on the left that incorporates the Marianist cross and identifies Moeller as a Catholic school in the Marianist tradition. Moeller is sponsored by the Society of Mary for the achievement of a shared mission. Because of the declining number of priests and Marianists Brothers, lay members of the faculty and staff now also assume responsibility for perpetuating the Marianist ideals.

School Colors

Moeller's school colors are blue and gold, as shown in the logo and seals above.

School Spirit Symbol

Crusader on HorseThe symbolic name for the student body is "The Crusaders." In 2004, the Moeller Athletic Department adopted a Crusader logo that closely resembles the statue that now graces the front of the school.

 In 2012, the school adopted the “M” logo that has since become the primary Moeller athletic logo, and the Crusader version is used more for Athletic Department use.

The Sea of Gold

Moeller's school spirit can be seen in the "Sea of Gold" created by the students at various events.


 Cheer, cheer, for our Moeller High,
With loyal voice we cry!
Onward go, Crusaders,
Drive, drive to your goal, be BOLD!
Proudly our colors on high,
The Blue & Gold must fly,
Marching to vict’ry for Moeller High.



We, Men of Moeller High,
Crusaders 'til we die,
Flying our Banner of Blue and Gold...
Fearless as knights of old,
Courage in deeds untold,
And true to thee our Moeller High.




MOELLER's secret of success

Father Chaminade, Founder of the Society of Mary

"The true secret of success in any work is to interest the Blessed Virgin in it."


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