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In developing our instructional delivery plans, we placed considerable emphasis on synchronous (live) teaching and learning while also meeting the needs of all learners. An Archbishop Moeller High School education is grounded in our Catholic, Marianist philosophy and our commitment to our academic vision of REALearning: Relational, Experiential, and Authentic. Synchronous teaching and learning help our students build relationships with our dedicated faculty, provides opportunities for students to deeply engage in and take ownership of their learning, and challenges our students to connect their learning to their own interests and the real world. We are excited to build upon our 20+ year foundation as a 1:1 tablet school and to learn/grow as a school community. 

Modified Start of the School Year Dates

To plan appropriately for the start of the school year and provide training on technological tools for faculty, we are adding a Faculty In-Service day and adjusting the start of our school year for additional professional development support.
On August 20– 25, our teachers will be “team teaching” with each other to test cameras, microphones, and Microsoft Teams features with live classes. These staggered start dates also provide an opportunity for the administration and faculty to train smaller groups of students on hallway and stairwell transitions, -screening protocols, and lunchroom processes, as well as identify any necessary adjustments. 

The school day will start at 7:50 AM and dismiss at 2:45 PM. 

Instructional Delivery Plans

Archbishop Moeller High School developed three instructional delivery plans: traditional, on-campus learning; hybrid learning; and remote learning. Implementing the health and safety measures recommended by the AAP and the state of Ohio, we will begin the school year in a traditional, on-campus learning model. (Specifics discussed below)Yet, it is also prudent for us to develop and communicate hybrid and remote learning models in case the need arises to limit the number of students on campus or to follow a government-mandated on-campus learning closure. Each of these models will be discussed in more detail below. 

Traditional, On-Campus Learning Model 
A traditional, on-campus learning model means that all faculty and students will be present on Moeller’s campus, and the school will follow its traditional A/B rotating block scheduled classes. School starts at 7:50 AM and dismisses at 2:45 PM.  
It is important to recognize that in a traditional model we may have students that cannot be present for on-campus learning due to health risk factors or exposure to COVID-19. To provide continuity in education, all classrooms will be equipped with a camera and microphone for live-streaming purposes. All students will have access to this live-stream through their Microsoft Teams account. 
If you are concerned about sending your son to school due to health risks and anticipate that he will be utilizing the live-streaming capability on a regular basis, please send an email by Friday, July 31 to:
Dr. Christine Brookbank (Dean of Academics - cbrookbank@moeller.org) AND
Mike Shaffer (Dean of Student Life - mshaffer@moeller.org) AND
Cindy Neuhaus (School Nurse - cneuhaus@moeller.org) 

If a student is unable to report to in-person classes due to COVID-19 exposure and quarantine, a parent/guardian must send an email by 7 AM to COVID_attendance@moeller.org. Our main office will then mark these students as participating in remote learning. As long as a student is asymptomatic, he is expected to log into his Microsoft Teams classroom at the start of class and join the livestream of the class. Faculty will take attendance each class period and denote if students are physically present, virtually/remotely present, or absent.

Hybrid Learning Model
A hybrid learning model limits the number of students for on-campus learning. If the state of Ohio limits the number of students in the school building/in classrooms OR if Moeller’s administration, along with the Hamilton County Board of Health, deems a need for the school to limit the number of students, we will employ a hybrid learning model. 
In a hybrid learning model, students will report for on-campus learning based upon the first letter of their last name. An alphabetical split of grade levels ensures that siblings in the same household can ride to school together and decreases the number of students in a grade-specific class section (e.g., English I or Religion II). For example (please note that these are hypothetical alphabetical cut-offs), students in all grade levels with last names A-L report to school on Monday and Tuesday whereas students in all grade levels with last names M-Z report to school on Thursday and Friday. When students are not present for on-campus learning, they must report to school virtually through the Microsoft Teams livestream for continuity in education. Attendance will be taken. School starts at 7:50 AM and dismisses at 2:45 PM. In a hybrid learning model, juniors and seniors will not be permitted to leave campus for M-block. 
On Wednesday, students may report or be required to report to school for individual or small group academic support during morning office hours. Faculty will hold office hours in thirty-minute increments (A1 = 9:00 – 9:30 AM, A2 = 9:30 – 10:00 AM, etc.). Faculty may also request that students in AP classes, in support services, or in need of making-up tests report during this time frame. In the afternoon, students may participate in grade-level or House System activities or retreats as pre-determined and communicated by Campus Ministry, House Deans, or counselors. Each week of the hybrid learning model will follow the same Monday through Friday schedule unless there is a holiday or scheduled off-day. If this is the case, the holiday or scheduled off-day will replace the Wednesday “flex day” for academic extension and intervention support. 

Remote Learning Model

A remote learning model could be implemented due to a surge in the community, a state mandate, or if we meet a threshold of positive cases among faculty. Our experience with remote learning during the fourth quarter of the 2019-2020 school year highlighted strengths in our plan (e.g., weekly schedule overview, same due date time – 11:59 PM for all classes) and opportunities for improvement (e.g., instructional time during school day, management of Zoom links). The following remote learning model has been developed based upon this feedback.  

The remote learning model takes into account a balance of asynchronous and synchronous learning with increased emphasis on live teaching and class interaction. Student attendance will be mandatory and recorded for any classes and mentor groups on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. These classes will connect through Microsoft Teams. Similar to the hybrid learning model, Wednesday will function as a “flex day” for students to receive extra support/clarification on assignments during faculty office hours. To limit the amount of time that students sit behind a computer screen, classes begin at 9:00 AM and bathroom and lunch breaks are built into the schedule. To support students in our Support Services program, extra time has been allotted for testing accommodations and 1:1 support with intervention specialists.  

The Technology Department will continue to offer support during any period of remote learning. The Counseling Department will also continue to offer academic, social, and emotional support for students and parents.  

Technological Shift from Zoom to Microsoft Teams 
Essential to each of our plans is the use of a synchronous platform to livestream. Although Archbishop Moeller High School utilized Zoom during the fourth quarter, we are transitioning to Microsoft Teams. As a Microsoft Suite school, Teams integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft tools (e.g., Word, OneNote, Outlook). Teams also provides enhanced security for students and faculty when utilizing a virtual platform. Additionally, students will not need to manage multiple virtual meeting links. Instead, they simply need to open up their class Team to join a livestream, watch a recording of a class, or pose a question to a teacher. Each teacher will review Teams with all students on the first day of classes and enroll them in their Teams class.

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