Absence Reporting 
 NON-COVID: For a student who will be absent for a non-COVID illness, travel, college visit, funeral, late arrival to school or other reason, please call the ABSENCE LINE: 791-1680, option #3 before 8:30AM. If your son will participate remotely, you must notify Moeller on the absence line. 

 COVID related: If your son has COVID related symptoms, has received a positive test or has been exposed to COVID, please email Moeller at COVID_attendance@moeller.org before 7:00AM. Your son will be expected to participate remotely UNLESS he is too ill. Please communicate this in the email. 
Early Dismissal 
If your son needs to leave before the school day is complete, he must bring a note from a parent to the main office BEFORE school begins. He will receive a dismissal slip to give to the appropriate teacher. He will sign himself out (parent does not come in the building) in the main office and be permitted to leave campus at the designated time. 

Illness at School 
If a student becomes ill at school, he must report to the school nurse. Students may not make arrangements for their own dismissal, nor should students call their parent or guardian themselves. 

Tardy to School 
All tardy to school absences are unexcused unless the student brings a note from a parent (for illness) or a doctor (for an appointment). Oversleeping, car trouble, excessive traffic, finishing homework, studying, etc., are not considered excuses for tardiness. Parents are asked NOT to call the office or attendance line for tardy reasons. 
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