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The relationships that are forged in mentor groups, between teachers and students, in the house system, and within teams and co-curriculars are unique and special to Moeller. Returning to the classroom means a more fulfilling student life and the opportunity for the Moeller brotherhood to be strengthened and nurtured.
Student Assemblies
While there will be no all-school assemblies due to physical distancing requirements, we will be able to place one house or one grade level in the gym at a time. Physical distance and face covering protocols will be in place.  

Mass and Spiritual Practice
Freshman, sophomore, and junior retreats will not have an overnight component but will be day programs. Mass will continue to occur on a monthly basis, with one house attending in person in the gym and the other five houses watching a live stream of the Mass in their mentor groups.  Additionally, service programs such as Little Buddies will move forward but are subject to change depending on factors at both Moeller and at Corryville Catholic. Service programs to vulnerable communities such as Brookdale Retirement Home will not take place this year. 


We will still be serving hot lunch, but to allow for greater social distancing, we will be placing tables in the Activity Center for freshmen and sophomores while juniors and seniors will eat in the cafeteria. Lunch will be the only part of the day when students are not required to wear a mask.   

Counseling Offices

Students may still meet with their counselor in the counseling offices, but both the counselor and the student are required to wear a mask during their meeting. 


The ITC will still be open for computer repairs, printing, and general IT support. Additionally,
the ITC may also be used for tutoring before school and during M-Block.  


We will continue with our athletic programs so long as they are permitted by the state. If a student displays symptoms, that student will be separated and sent home. Students who have a positive COVID-19 exposure are encouraged to self-quarantine for 14 days. Additionally, clubs will resume in the fall. Students will be strongly encouraged to not share recreational supplies such as video game controllers, ping pong paddles, guitars, or other items that are used during club meetings. Students will still be required to wear a face covering during club meetings.   

Stress and Coping

We are fortunate to have six licensed counselors who are trained to help students manage stress and develop positive coping strategies.
Additionally, this year Moeller is adding a school psychologist who will also support the Moeller family in navigating these unchartered waters. 

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