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In the traditional model of high school education, students are placed on a track where they typically remain throughout their entire high school career.  However, at Moeller High School, we view every student as unique, with their own sets of strengths.  At Moeller, we strive to individualize our instruction to best meet students where they are while pushing them to become their best selves.  We do this by providing a variety of academic levels that help challenge students in a level that is appropriate to them.  A student may take a mixture of different leveled classes depending on their particular strengths, meaning that they may be in an honors class in one subject while in a CP1 class in another.  Further, students may move up or down levels during their high school career so that they are always in the class that is most appropriate for them.

Honors/AP/CCP – Fast-paced, academically rigorous courses.  Honors level courses prepare students to take AP and CCP courses.  AP and CCP courses can be taken for college credit hours.
College Prep I – Above grade level academic rigor.  A majority of Moeller’s course are offered in the College Prep I level.
College Prep II – At grade level academic rigor.  College Prep II classes create subject matter foundation building while allowing a student’s confidence to grow. 
No matter the level, all course are College Preparatory courses that meet the student where he is.  We strive to push our students to become their best selves while educating the Mind, Body, and Spirit all within a Community of Brothers.  

Levels of Academic Rigor

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