Academic Philosophy

Student Support Services

In our commitment to meeting and challenging students where they are, Moeller provides a variety of support services intended to help each individual student reach their full potential.

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  • Special Education

    Students with learning differences are provided opportunities to develop their academic potential and to foster an understanding of their strengths, limitations, and learning styles, and to develop and bridge new skills and strategies across the curriculum.

    Moeller employs four full-time Intervention Specialist as well as a Math Instructional Specialist and a part-time Speech language Pathologist.

    Moeller students who qualify for special education services participate in all levels of college preparatory classes and meet the same graduation requirements as their classmates.

    Academic Development Classes – For those students with an IEP or Services Plan who require specialized instruction, Moeller offers a guided study hall where intervention specialists provide instruction in effective study strategies and address the goals and objectives on the student’s IEP or SP.

    Speech/Language Pathologist – For those students who struggle with verbal and nonverbal communication, Moeller employs a part-time Speech and Language Pathologist who works with students in a one on one setting to help those students develop the communication skills necessary to forge both social and professional relationships.

    Moeller Accommodation Plan (MAP) – for those students who require instructional and assessment accommodations (i.e. extended time), Moeller intervention specialists and counselors design a plan that is communicated to all classroom teachers.
  • Math Instructional Specialist

    For those students who have historically struggled in math, or for the student struggling with a particular concept, Moeller employs a full time Math Instructional Specialist to help students succeed in the Math Program.
  • Peer Tutoring

    For those students who need a little extra help understanding the current course material, our National Honors Society provides tutoring during the M-Block study hall period.
  • Writing Lab

    Any student who would like a little help writing or editing his essay or research paper, Moeller provides a student led writing center where Seniors in the AP English program work with their fellow students during the M-Block study hall period.

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