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Moeller initiated a “one-to-one” computer laptop/tablet program in 1998.  Students and teachers have made computers an integral part of the learning process for 20+ years.  With the Classroom 2.0 project, technology continues to have an important role in the learning environment at Moeller.

All students and faculty are provided with a Computer Tablet which provides all the benefits of a laptop computer with the added “tablet” functionalities of a touch screen and a stylus.   

MoeCampus (from Blackbaud), is an online Learning Management System used to manage, connect, and share information with students, parents, and the entire Moeller community.

The computer tablet has been integrated into the curriculum in each department and is used to communicate, collaborate, create, and analyze.  Microsoft Office is the standard suite of software applications on each computer. Teachers and students use software tools DyKnow and ExamSoft to engage students and obtain useful feedback and data. 

The Information Technology (I.T.) curriculum includes an “I.T. Pathway” with courses for every level of student interest.  Beginning with an introductory tablet course to online CCP courses through the University of Cincinnati, there are over 20 courses offered in Information Technology.  

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I.T Pathway
The Help Desk is located in the Chaminade Library.
Hours: 7:15 AM to 3:15 PM on School Days. 

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