School Counseling Department

Counseling Department Vision Statement 
Our Students will know what it means to be a Catholic in the contemporary world and choose to live the Gospel message fearlessly: 
· Our students will be academically prepared to meet the demands of a changing world by developing and implementing their individual academic, college and career plan; 
· Our counselors will continue their faith formation in order to teach and model Gospel values through their example and guidance; 
· Our counselors will be committed to professional development which meets the diverse needs of all students through targeted professional development, personal research, regional/national in-services and continuing education; 
· Our Counseling Department will be a Christ-centered community, collaborating with those we serve to facilitate strategic partnerships between the school, family and community so that all students will become lifelong learners within the teachings of Christ and develop his God given talents as it relates to his academic, personal/social,  and life pursuits; 
· Our Counseling Department will utilize research findings, providing students with the means to reach their full potential through assessments, national standards, and models like ASCA. 
Counseling Department Goals 
1. Students will develop a positive attitude toward work and learning.  
2. Students will develop an understanding that postsecondary education and life-long learning are necessary for long-term career success.  
3. Students will develop self-confidence in their ability to succeed and a sense of belonging in the school environment and the greater community.  

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List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Kristen Merica

    Ms. Kristen Merica 

    Professional School Counselor, College Counselor (Zehler House), Department Chair
    Ext. 1214
  • Photo of Jessica Fager

    Mrs. Jessica Fager 

    Professional School Counselor, College Counselor (Pillar House) Ext. 1231
  • Photo of Thomas Hertlein

    Mr. Thomas Hertlein '00 

    Professional School Counselor, College Counselor (Trinity House) Ext. 1212
  • Photo of Paul Ramstetter

    Mr. Paul Ramstetter 

    Professional School Counselor, College Counselor (Eveslage House)
    Ext. 1211
  • Photo of Molly Roebker

    Molly Roebker 

    Counselor, College Counselor (Quiroga House) Ext. 1202
  • Photo of John Ward

    Mr. John Ward 

    Professional School Counselor, College Counselor (Zaragoza House)
    Ext. 1215
  • Mrs. Diane Horvath 

    Counseling Administrative Assistant, Testing Coordinator
    Ext. 1213

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