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At Archbishop Moeller High School, we believe that students seeking a Catholic-based education should have the opportunity to pursue their goals in a school of their choice. A Catholic education will help them grow in their faith, challenge them academically, and allow them to receive a comprehensive, college-preparatory experience.

Moeller welcomes inquiries from qualified students in good academic standing after the start of the freshman year. Initial contact with Moeller MUST be made through the Admissions Office. 

Current class size will determine the school's ability to accept a student at the time of the request.  

Moeller will accept freshman, sophomore, and junior transfers for the current school year through the end of the first semester.  The school will only consider senior transfers if a family is relocating to the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Mid-year transfers will be accepted.  Student must start on the first day of the second semester (January).

Moeller's Special Education Services Program has limited availability, and candidates for this program will be notified immediately if the program is at capacity. 

The Moeller High School Transfer Process

  1. Create a MOEAccess Account.
  2. Contact Moeller’s Admissions Office to schedule a personal interview with the Director and Associate Director of Admissions. The student and at least one parent/guardian must be present for the interview, and they should bring the following information about the student to the meeting:
    • High School Academic Grades
    • Standardized Test Scores
    • List of High School Co-Curricular Activities
  3. Complete the Application prior to the personal interview.  
  4. Send student's current high school a Release of Records form and provide Moeller with the required information: After the interview, Moeller will make a determination on admission status. If accepted, a Release of Records form will be sent for the family to provide the student's current high school. In addition, Moeller requires the following information prior to the student's first day of school:
    • Official Current School Transcript
    • Standardized or Proficiency Test Scores
    • Letter from Current High School Confirming Student is in Good Standing
  1. Admission Status Decision
If the student is accepted, the following will occur:
  1. To ensure proper course scheduling, accepted students will be required to complete two placement tests (language and math) that will be conducted by Moeller's Guidance & Counseling Department. Immediately afterward, the student will meet with his guidance counselor to create his academic schedule.

  2. The family will provide final information required and pay registration deposit: Prior to  student's first day of school, Moeller requires the following:
    • Copy of Birth Certificate
    • Completed Medical Records
    • Proof of Residency (i.e., Copy of Utility Bill, Property Taxes, etc.)
    • Current School Transcript
    • Standardized or Proficiency Test Scores
    • $750 Registration Deposit

Steps for Transferring at Moeller

Step 1: Create your MOEAccess Account.
Step 2: Contact Moeller Admissions to set up an interview with Parent and Student.  Prior to the interview, Moeller must receive a copy of the students high school grades.  Please complete the application for admisssion found on the MOEAccess checklist prior to the interview
Step 3: Principal/Guidance review of academic record. Dean of Students will contact the applicant's current high school to confirm student’s standing.
Step 4: If accepted, transfer student meets with Guidance to take placement tests and set schedule.
Step 5: Parents provide Moeller with all required regiatration documentation and pay the registration fee.
Step 6: Student prepares for day one at Moeller

Athletics Transfers

State of Ohio's High School Guidelines on Athletics: 
If a student transfers (changes) high schools at any time after establishing eligibility as a ninth grader (either by attending a school for five days or playing in a fall sport prior to the beginning of school), the student is INELIGIBLE at the new high school for the first 50% of the maximum allowable regular-season contests in those sports in which the student participated during the 12 months immediately preceding this transfer. 

NOTE: For purposes of this bylaw, a student is considered to have participated in a sport if he/she has entered, if for only one play, a scrimmage or contest at any level of competition/contest (i.e., freshman, junior varsity, and varsity). No ruling is required from the Commissioner’s Office, and no paperwork is necessary if a student transfers and cannot meet an exception to the transfer bylaw. 

"A student whose parents reside outside the State of Ohio but within the United States will be ineligible for interscholastic athletics in a member school. (See Bylaw 4-8-1 for eligibility requirements for students whose parents live outside the United States).NOTE: A biological or adoptive parent must reside in Ohio."

There are specific waivers for both the state and the Archdiocese that can be pursued on a case-by-case basis. 

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