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This year, students will be logging service hours in Naviance with a program called x2vol. Directions for logging service hours through Naviance are listed below. If you have any problems with Naviance, please contact Mr. Weisenborn.

Instructions for Logging Service Hours
Click on the tab for "X2VOL"


Activity Contact Person
Contact Phone Number or Email
Date of Service
Number of Hours Earned

Service FAQs

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. So what exactly are blue and gold hours?

    We provide a simple, one-page guide to service hours in the downloads section. This guide explains all about service hours. However, to sum it up briefly, blue service hours are all legitimate service at your school, parish, and in the wider community. Gold hours are service done for the wider community, and they do not include service to Moeller (i.e. Shadowing, Open House) or service to your parish (i.e. Altar Serving, Choir). If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Weisenborn, and he can expalin further.
  • Q. Why do we have service requirements every year instead of one big requirement? Why can’t hours done freshman year apply forward to later requirements? 

    Moeller students are expected to do service every year. As students grow and change throughout high school, their experience of service grows and changes, too. Also, since underclassmen usually cannot drive, we try to make service easier for them by allowing a broader range of service. 
  • Q. Why such a big jump in service hours for senior year?

    Senior year is the time when students are most mature, able to offer the deepest reflection, and learn the most from their service. Moeller offers programs specifically geared toward seniors to make sure that every student can find opportunities for thirty five hours of service that fit into their schedule.
  • Q. Can my parents be my adult contact? 

    No. Helping parents should be a normal part of every Moeller student’s life. Community service is, by definition, directed to the wider community. Therefore, the person you serve or non-profit organization you work with should be able to sign your service hour log sheet. 

    Very rare exceptions apply, but they must be pre-approved by Mr. Weisenborn. 
  • Q. Can I work at my normal job without getting paid?

    No. Not only does this prevent getting out in the community to serve the poor, it causes serious legal concerns for providing unpaid labor to for-profit companies. 
  • Q. What if I do a mission trip with my parish or another organization?

    Moeller highly encourages participation in service trips with your church or any other charitable organization. Our standard practice is to credit 35 hours of service per week spent at your service site. Please contact Mr. Weisenborn if you believe more service hours should be reported. 
  • Q. Can I help my neighbors with yard work or shoveling snow? 

    This is almost never considered community service, even if you were not paid. The only exception is if you did the service for someone who is sick, disabled, or elderly. This must be explained in your description of the service on x2vol. If you have any questions at all, it is best to have the project approved by Mr. Weisenborn in advance.

    Generally, any work that you do for your neighbors, including babysitting, is not considered community service.
  • Q. Can I help someone move? 

    Normally, helping someone move is not considered community service. Helping someone move is a nice thing to do, but it usually simply saves someone money and time instead of providing a necessary service to someone in need. 

    The exception is if the person is sick, disabled, or elderly and physically unable to move their own items. In that case, you must explain the situation on your x2vol entry. 
  • Q. What if I didn’t learn anything from the service?

    If you didn’t learn anything from your service, that’s a good sign that you didn’t engage in meaningful service work. If you really feel you tried your best and learned nothing, come have a discussion with Mr. Weisenborn to talk about it before turning in an incomplete submission in x2vol. 
  • Q. Do events specifically aimed at serving children count for gold hours? 

    Yes. Moeller is committed to providing positive developmental experiences for children, so any direct service with children (youth tutoring, youth coaching, etc…) will count for all service hour requirements. 

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