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  • Blood Drive

    Each year Moeller runs four Blood Drives with Hoxworth to help save lives.  Every unit of blood collected helps to save three lives.  Anyone over the age of sixteen is eligible to give blood.  We are also in a competition with local high schools to see who can collect the most blood.  In 2010 Moeller came in 2nd place out of all the area high schools involved.  Help us get to 1st!
  • Brookdale Place Assisted Living

    Brookdale Place is a retirement center across the street from Moeller. Every other Tuesday, students from Moeller meet after school to serve at Brookdale. Students walk across the street, play Bingo or card games for one hour, and then return to Moeller.
  • Canned Food Drive

    The Canned Food Drive takes place every year prior to Thanksgiving. Initiated in November 2000 by an alumnus, the Food Drive aims to provide as much food as possible to the St. George Food Pantry as well as the St. Vincent DePaul Society. This is a very large event which needs many volunteers to make it successful. Volunteers are especially needed to be Mentor Group representatives.  Representatives are responsible for making sure their Mentor Group is on task with collecting food items.
  • Christmas on Campus

    Christmas on Campus is a celebration for Moeller students and Corryville Catholic students that takes place in December.  All of the students from Corryville come to Moeller to enjoy a Mass, lunch, games, and most importantly, Santa!  Many volunteers are needed to help escort Corryville students around campus, run Christmas games, and to perform other tasks.
  • Corryville Big Brothers

    For the past 16 years, Moeller and Corryville Catholic Elementary School have worked together to help meet the needs of the Corryville students. Big Brothers pairs Moeller juniors and seniors with students in grades 1-6 from Corryville Catholic in a one-on-one relationship. Contact between Bigs and Littles takes place outside of the school day.
    The Big Brother program seeks to provide mentors for young boys who are in need of extra guidance.  Big Brothers seek to assist families by providing a positive role model for their child.  A Big Brother seeks to build a long term, loving and caring relationship.  For each child, a Big Brother sets positive expectations, promotes their strengths, teaches life and academic skills, provides enrichment activities and models responsible Christian behavior.  Through a one-on-one relationship, a Big Brother aims to become of inspiration for his Little Brother.
    During the course of the school year, a Big Brother is expected to spend at least 35 hours of contact time with his little brother.  (This includes travel time with his little brother in the car.) Most of this time will come from participation in the monthly Big Brother group activities. Usually scheduled on Sunday afternoons, these activities will account for approximately 24 hours of the 35 hour commitment. The Big Brother will earn the remaining 11 hours by making phone calls, writing letters, and spending additional time with his little brother during the course of the year.  All Big Brothers are also expected to participate in Christmas on Campus and Zoo Day.
    A Big Brother should make weekly contact by phone call and is expected to send periodic letters.  The time spent on the phone and writing letters can count towards their service requirement. Big Brothers are responsible for creating their own schedule and reporting their contact time to the leaders.
    Service Hours:
    Students who successfully complete their commitment to this program will be awarded with 35 service hours.
    Liability Issues:
    Each Big Brother and Little Brother family is required to sign a waiver of liability before any contact can be made.  The waiver does not exclude the Moeller student from general responsibility, but from responsibilities beyond his control.  Students participating in the Big Brother program will be picking up their Little Brothers at their child’s home, and transporting to and from the various activities.  We encourage Big Brothers to carpool and to limit the amount of time spent in the car with their little brother.
  • Corryville Little Buddies

    Around 16 years ago Moeller created a partnership with Corryville Catholic Elementary School to help meet the needs of the Corryville students, and to provide Moeller students with opportunities to serve in the community. Working with students at Corryville in the classroom, during their school day, is one of these programs. The Little Buddies program pairs Moeller junior and seniors with students from Corryville Catholic in a particular class, kindergarten through 3rd grade.
    The Little Buddies program seeks to provide assistance for young children, many whom are in need of extra guidance in their classes. The Moeller students seek to assist the children and the teachers by providing positive role models for the kids, and to assist in their education during the bi-weekly visits. The Moeller students seek to build long term, loving and caring relationships with the children in their class. For the children, their Moeller Buddy sets positive expectations, promotes their strengths, teaches life and academic skills, provides enrichment activities and models responsible Christian behavior. The men of Moeller become a source of inspiration for the children at Corryville and they really look forward to seeing their Moeller Buddies.
    During the course of the school year, Moeller students in the Little Buddies program are expected to commit to the time that they are assigned. The visits will be schedule bi-weekly (twice a month) during M Block. Students also attend a training session at Moeller and participate in Christmas on Campus. In addition, Seniors attend Zoo Day and Cap and Gown Day. The schedule for Little Buddies is available on the pastoral ministry calendar or by request from Mr.  Hough.
    Service Hours:
    Students who successfully complete their commitment to the program and don’t have any unexcused absences will be awarded with 35 service hours. Students who fail to meet the requirements may be asked to leave the program.
  • M.A.C.H. 1

    MACH 1 began more than ten years ago when a few students and faculty members began working with an organization in Over the Rhine called Over the Rhine Community Housing.  Students that volunteered with this group formed the core of students that began the Moeller Advocates for Community Housing.  The main goal of this group was to help rehab buildings in OTR to provide affordable housing options for low or no income families. 
  • March for Life

    Each year Moeller teams up with schools from Cincinnati to March on Washington as part of the pro-life movement.  Last year, over 50 students participated in this fun, travel intensive trip.
  • Matthew 25 Ministries

    Matthew 25: Ministries is an international humanitarian relief organization helping the poorest of the poor locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. By rescuing and reusing products from major corporations, manufacturers and individuals, Matthew 25: Ministries provides basic necessities, skill development and disaster relief across the US and worldwide. Their offices are located on Kenwood Road in Blue Ash.
    Saint Vincent DePaul:  Neighbors helping neighbors. That's what the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is all about - caring people helping their neighbors in need of the most basic necessities - food, shelter, clothing, transportation and emotional comfort. There are heartbreaking circumstances right here in our own community, but practical, compassionate person-to-person caring can make a world of difference. At St. Vincent de Paul, our goal is to deal with the initial emergency then shepherd individuals into programs that can bring lasting change into their lives. Donations made locally are used and distributed throughout Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods.
     The Matthew 25 Ministries Program focuses on working with those organizations dedicated to providing goods to those who are in the most desperate need.  While at SVDP and M25M, students help to sort clothing, food goods, and other material that needs to be shipped to those in need.  In the past Moeller has also worked at SVDP to paint the lobby and other parts of the building. 
    Service Hours:
     Students will be awarded service hours based on the number of times they go to a service site. Visits will be one to two times a month. Generally students can earn 3 to 6 hours per visit.
    Sign Up Process:
     Once you have been selected for the program, it will be the participant’s responsibility to write his name on the sign-up sheets for this dates he chooses to go. All sign-up sheets will be located in the Pastoral Ministry office. Note: There may be a limited number of spots available on a given week due to group size considerations and/or driving arrangements.
  • Moeller Youth Philanthropy Council

    Every year, the Youth Philanthropy Council is given a $5000 gift. They solicit grant applications from fellow students and distribute the money to fund service projects. Last year, they funded a clean water project in Peru, care packages for chemotherapy patients, and improvements at the Greenacres Foundation.
  • Night for the Fight

    Night for the Fight is a unique event planned by students for students that benefits CancerFree KIDS. The event not only raises much needed money for pediatric cancer research, it inspires the next generation to join the battle to eliminate childhood cancer. Through a night filled with games, food, fun and inspiration, this one of a kind event makes a difference for children fighting cancer. Come join us in the FIGHT!
    Check out their website at
  • Relay for Life

    The Relay for Life is held each year at Sycamore High School in May.  This fun event gets students together from all over the Sycamore area to help raise money and awareness about cancer research.  Teams of ten form in January and February and begin raising money.  These efforts culminate in May when the Relay takes place.
  • Ronald McDonald House

    Once per month, Moeller students visit Ronald McDonald House to serve sick children and their families. Students prepare a nutritious meal or plan a fun activity for the residents.
  • Teens Acting for Peace (TAP)

    Are you concerned about violence or the threat of violence in your school or your community?
    Are you seeking a proactive approach to dealing with this national tragedy of increasing violence?
    The Institute for Peace and Justice has developed a dynamic program that teaches high school and middle school youth to be peace educators with elementary students. Teens Acting for Peace (TAP), a national youth violence prevention training program, is actively "tapping" the creativity and energy of the nation's youth to help build peaceful schools and communities.
    The goals of TAP are
    • to train high school and middle school youth to teach the skills and values of violence prevention and the Pledge of Nonviolence in elementary schools;
    • to put these same skills and values into practice in their own lives;
    • to offer this vision of nonviolence to their own schools as well.
    Student team leaders are selected for this program.  If you are one of them you will be notified at the beginning of the school year.

Summer Service Trips

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  • El Savador Encounter (June 1-9, 2019)

    Students will travel to El Salvador and participate in an 8 day immersion trip learning all about El Salvador history, culture and people. This trip in facilitated by CRIPAZ (Christians Acting for Peace in El Salvador). Contact Mr. Dave Campbell ( for more information.

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