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School Leadership

School Captain: Peyton Bambauer
School Vice-Captains: Jacob Carota and Adam Riesenberger

About Our House System

Implemented in 2005, the House System has three primary objectives:

1. To increase pastoral care to each student,
2. To allow students opportunities to build strong personal and collegial relationships, and
3. To encourage every student to develop as a leader.

The House System is an alternative form of student governance where students from all grades are divided into separate groups called “Houses” that contain approximately 165 students.

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List of 7 members.

  • Mrs. Karen Matuszek 

    Director of Special Education Services, Director of House System
    Ext. 1222
  • Mrs. Terri Schaffer 

    Science Classroom Teacher and Eveslage House Dean
    Ext. 1907
  • Mr. Clayton Graham 

    Religion Classroom Teacher and Pillar House Dean
    Ext. 1921
  • Mr. Todd Naumann 

    Social Studies Classroom Teacher and Trinity House Dean
    Moeller Alumni 1991
  • Mr. John Hough 

    Religion Classroom Teacher and Quiroga House Dean
    Ext. 1238
  • Mr. Alexander Thompson 

    Science Classroom Teacher and Zaragoza House Dean
    Ext. 1974
  • Mr. Kevin Kohls 

    Mathematics Classroom Teacher and Zehler House Dean
    Ext. 1988
    Moeller Alumni 1988
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