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Eveslage House Leaders

Dean: Terri Schaffer
Guidance Counselor: Paul Ramstetter
Captains: Connor Chatlos, Tyler Totin
Chaplains: Jonathan Buck, Joe Craft
Junior Captains: Jesse Hardin, Matt Longwell
Sophomore Captains: TJ Rotello, Matthew White
Freshman Captains: To Come

Mentor Captains
Mr. Balbach:
Greyson Wesley
Mr. Campbell: Noah Saffron
Mr. Compton: Jordan Ward
Mr. Cruse: Michael Stefanski
Mr. DiCristoforo: Max Malof
Mr. Eble: Drew Totin
Mr. Young: Chase Harding
House Director Karen Matuszek was the founding Dean of Eveslage House. During the first Deans’ retreat in 2005, she 
chose the name “Eveslage” for three reasons. “First and foremost, I felt it was important to have at least one House name that was uniquely Moeller, while retaining the Marianist heritage theme,” she explained. “Bro. Larry Eveslage, 
S.M., devoted 71 of his 90 years to the Marianists, and he was the first principal of Moeller (1960-1967). Secondly, I knew Bro. Larry personally. I was privileged to work with him at Purcell Marian during the last 10 years of his life. Last
, but not least, at well over six feet tall, he was a giant of a man. With the Captains and other students I have in Eveslage, I know we’ll have a ‘giant’ of a House.”

Her prediction proved prophetic, for Eveslage won the first Marianist Cup that year. Since then, Bro. Larry’s House has earned the coveted Cup four more times: 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013 and tied in 2015. 

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  • Mrs. Terri Schaffer 

    Science Classroom Teacher and Eveslage House Dean
    Ext. 1907
  • Mrs. Karen Matuszek 

    Director of Special Education Services, Director of House System
    Ext. 1222
  • Mr. Paul Ramstetter 

    Professional School Counselor, College Counselor (Eveslage House), Department Chair
    Ext. 1211
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