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Quiroga House Leaders

Quiroga House Dean: John Hough
Quiroga House Guidance Counselor: Jen Daly
Quiroga House Captains: Conlan O’Brien, Trevor Sheets
Quiroga House Chaplains: Joe Sherman, Charles DiMuzio
Junior Captains: Jawaun Binford, Ethan Hear, Dobry Shaw
Sophomore Captains: Fredrick Sturgis, Brayden Zenni

Mentor Captains

Mr. Bohne: Kyle Lindeman
Ms. Corwell: Dylan Rohlfs
Mr. Faller: 
Walker deStefano, John Sullivan
Mr. Horst:
 Shay Black
Mr. Shannon: Jeff Horner, Will Riesenberg
Mr. Ward:
 A.J. Faller, Jake Glass, Clayton Smith
Mr. Wynn: Sam Ceccoli, Jackson Krejsa
Bro. Miguel Angel Quiroga, S. M. (1972-1998), lost his life on Sept. 18, 1998, helping the poor in Columbia, South America. He and several others were traveling by river to visit a parish in a remote, rural area. An armed paramilitary group boarded the boat by force and began harassing the travelers. When Bro. Miguel stood up to the group, he was shot immediately and died in the arms of a fellow Marianist brother. Targeted for his defense of the poor, Bro. Miguel was murdered on the feast of the Marianist Martyrs of Spain.

As a Catholic, Marianist high school, we need to strive to respect and celebrate the diverse ways God has given us to express His love and His way. As the House System looks to reach out to our students who have many different gifts and talents, Miquel Angel Quiroga represents an example of the diversity that we serve in our students. Miquel Quiroga can serve as a modern-day hero for our Men of Moeller. In a time when heroes are more and more difficult to find, Miquel Quiroga is a shining example of a way we all strive to serve God and His Mother Mary.

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List of 3 members.

  • Mr. John Hough 

    Religion Classroom Teacher and Quiroga House Dean
    Ext. 1238
  • Mrs. Jennifer Daly 

    Professional School Counselor, College Counselor (Quiroga House)
    Ext. 1213
  • Mrs. Karen Matuszek 

    Director of Special Education Services, Director of House System
    Ext. 1222
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