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Zaragoza House Leaders

Zaragoza House Dean: Alex Thompson
Zaragoza House Guidance Counselor: John Ward
Zaragoza House Captains: Alex Deyhle, Hadi Akbik
Zaragoza House Vice-Captain: Jason Wanamaker
Zaragoza House Chaplain: Mike Staresinic, Jake Hardesty
Junior Captains: Brandon Cusmano, Nate Schappacher
Sophomore Captains: Nolan Lyon, Michael Leonard, Michael Mullins
Freshman Captains: Tucker Koester, Noah Lorbach, Jacob Tinnemeyer

Mentor Captains
Mr. Ragland: Evan Fletcher
Mr. Jackson: Mitch Moore, Jack McCracken
Mrs. Boggess: Jeremiah Davenport
Mr. Corder: Blaise Harsch
Mr. Pokupec: Thomas Batt, Thomas Damon
Mr. Kuhlman: Ethan Rand
Mr. Vitolo/Mr. McLaughlin: Michael Griffin
Zaragoza, Spain, is the place where Blessed William Joseph Chaminade spent his time in exile from France. While in Zaragoza, Fr. Chaminade had a vision of Mary at Our Lady of the Pillar Church. This vision inspired him to create the Society of Mary, the Marianists. Fr. Chaminade's teachings fuel the direction and philosophy of both Moeller High School and Zaragoza House, and our House's name pays homage to William Joseph Chaminade every time we say it. Without Zaragoza, Spain, there would be no Marianists or Moeller; the Blessed Mother is alive and well in our House and our school!

The Zaragoza Crest:

The crest tells everyone who Zaragoza is and the way we do things. We do things with courage, loyalty, and honor. We follow the Marianist traditions, and we work hard.

Crest Symbolism:

•    The Lion – The lion is the symbol of Zaragoza, Spain. It also symbolizes courage and is the mascot of Zaragoza House.
•    The Marianist Cross – The Marianist cross is the cross of the Marianist church. Archbishop Moeller is a Marianist school.
•    The Star – The star is taken from the coat of arms of the Marianists.

•    The word "Courage" – to do what is right
•    The word "Honor" – to follow through and earn trust, honoring our Marianist heritage
•    The word "Loyalty" – to stay loyal to our faith

•    The color Red symbolizes courage and honor.
•    The color Gold symbolizes loyalty.

Contact Us

List of 3 members.

  • Mr. Alexander Thompson 

    Science Classroom Teacher and Zaragoza House Dean
    Ext. 1974
  • Mrs. Karen Matuszek 

    Director of Special Education Services, Director of House System
    Ext. 1222
  • Mr. John Ward 

    Professional School Counselor, College Counselor (Zaragoza House)
    Ext. 1215
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