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Band at Moeller is an academic elective that receives one credit per year and fulfills the State requirement for Fine Arts. Band and percussion classes meet during the school day, and students may take band all four years.  All students in the class participate in public performances as members of the Moeller Band.  This is one of the finest comprehensive music education programs in the area, with a reputation that is spreading beyond the Tri-state area.  Perhaps you’ll choose to be a part of this.

In the fall students participate in the Marching Band. This group performs at football games and marching contests, and is widely recognized for its excellence.  In recent years the marching band has performed at UC and Miami University football games.  This is also a great co-ed social activity, and freshmen make many new friends before the school year starts.  This greatly eases the transition into high school. 

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  • Photo of Paul Kindt

    Mr. Paul Kindt 

    Music/Performing Arts Teacher
    Ext. 513-792-3350
    Moeller Alumni 1990
  • Photo of James Balbach

    Mr. James Balbach 

    Music/Performing Arts Classroom Teacher
    Ext. 1951
    Moeller Alumni 1977
  • Photo of Robert Hotze

    Mr. Robert Hotze 

    Music/Performing Arts, World Languages Classroom Teacher
    Ext. 2344
  • Photo of Lori Sams

    Mrs. Lori Sams 

    Music/Performing Arts Supplemental Teacher
    Ext. 1953

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