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Band at Moeller is an academic elective that receives one credit per year and fulfills the State requirement for Fine Arts. Band and percussion classes meet during the school day, and students may take band all four years. All students in the class participate in public performances as members of the Moeller Band. This is one of the finest comprehensive music education programs in the area, with a reputation that is spreading beyond the Tri-state area. Perhaps you’ll choose to be a part of this.

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  • Marching Band

    In the fall students participate in the Marching Band. This group performs at football games and marching contests, and is widely recognized for its excellence.  In recent years the marching band has performed at UC and Miami University football games.  This is also a great co-ed social activity, and freshmen make many new friends before the school year starts.  This greatly eases the transition into high school. 
  • Pep Band

    The Pep Band is a voluntary group open to all band members.  This group is extremely popular with the student body and larger Moeller Family, providing entertainment and school spirit at home basketball games and other school functions with energetic performances of classic rock, disco and funk tunes. 
    At Moeller, all students take private lessons with the best professional musicians in the Cincinnati area.  In addition, all students perform solos and chamber music (trios, quartets, etc.) on recitals and at OMEA contests.
    Any student entering Moeller who has played a band instrument in grade school or Junior High is eligible to sign up for the Instrumental Music class.  If you do not play a band instrument, but wish to do so, please contact Mr. Browning or Mr. Zerges as soon as possible.  We can get you started with lessons on an instrument so that in the fall you can participate to the fullest.
  • Symphonic Winds

    After football season, our principal activity is Concert Band, known as the Symphonic Winds.  This ensemble is featured on the Christmas and Spring Concerts and participates in the OMEA band contest.  The Symphonic Winds have a strong national reputation, having performed in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Boston, and New York City.

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Band FAQs

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  • Q. What if I play a fall sport?

    You can still take band or percussion as a class, and perform with the concert band.  You will not be able to fully participate in marching band, however.  Students need to make a commitment either to the marching band or to the sport by June 15.  Students who are involved in a fall sport will attend all summer band practices up until Band Camp.  They will be excused from Band Camp and after school marching practices, but are more than welcome to come with us to contests and football games to perform in the stands.
  • Q. What if I don’t play a band instrument, but would like to join the band?

    Every year we have students who start on a wind or percussion instrument.  You will need to choose and purchase or rent an instrument (we can help) as soon as possible, and get started with a private instructor (we can recommend instructors).  We can also have an older student provide extra help during summer rehearsals.  How successful you will be depends on how hard you work.
  • Q. How much time is required outside of class?

    Marching band season is our busiest time.  We generally have a few evening practices the first couple weeks of June and then break for vacations in July.  We have a “home” band camp at Moeller July 25-29, and “away” Band Camp will be held Aug 1-5 at Wright State University.  Please notify us in advance of any conflicts and we will be flexible!  Once school begins, we practice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3:00-5:00.  We perform at all Moeller Varsity Football games, and participate in several marching band competitions.  After marching season there are fewer after school practices (once a week or less), so students are able to participate in Winter or Spring sports or other activities.
  • Q. Is percussion class part of the band?

     Yes. We teach the percussionists separately from the winds so they get much more individualized attention, but percussionists join together with the woodwinds and brass, as well as girls from MND and Ursuline, at after school practices (see above).

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