I am very proud to be a Moeller High School alumnus and it’s a true honor to be the president of the Alumni Association. I want to thank Nick Hodge for leading the Moeller Alumni over the past three years. I hope I am able to serve Moeller as well as Nick. I attribute the success I have had in my life to the foundation Moeller offered me -- my beautiful family, strong faith, and successful business. I grew up talking about Big Moe and learning about all of its traditions. It was my father’s dream for my brother, Tony, and me to go to Moeller. Through my father’s ten-year battle with cancer, he always had the priority of us going to Moeller High School. It was important for his children to have a strong Catholic base. My father’s dream became a reality on the day of his death when my brother, Tony, became a man of Moeller. His legacy continued a few years later when I was accepted into Moeller. 

During this difficult time, we came to understand what the Moeller family was all about. Moeller provided my brother and me with the support we needed through these difficult years of adolescence and helped prepare us for our journey into adulthood. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to give back to the Moeller family by continuing to engage alumni and to provide leadership to our future alumni. Moeller is not just a great high school, it’s one big family.

Our main goal is to get more alumni involvement and get our fellow classmates back to Moeller for the Sports Stag, golf outing, Father/Son Mass, Veterans Day Mass, Alumni Christmas Party, Young Alum Happy Hours, and sporting events. Once you walk back through the doors of Moeller you will feel the rich tradition and reminisce about your “Glory Days”.  I invite everyone to come back through the doors of Moeller. It’s never too late to get re-engaged or just to roam the halls of memory lane.
I ask all of my fellow alumni to reflect back on what Moeller gave to them and to help me keep the Moeller tradition alive.  How can you help?  Share your suggestions/feedback with me and become involved with the many alumni activities we offer throughout the year.

Mike Munafo '00
Moeller High School Alumni President

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    The Archbishop Moeller High School Alumni Association strives to promote the Moeller Family Spirit, the tradition of excellence the school has established, and its Marianist foundation. The philosophy of the Alumni Association is to conduct first-class social events that appeal to a wide group of our alumni, parents, and friends. The results of these events are investments back to various programs at Moeller for the betterment of our alma mater. Over the past years, the Alumni Association has provided funding to the Capital Campaign and more than $100,000 to various co-curricular programs at Moeller, including the Kairos Retreat Program, athletic teams, cheerleaders, Pastoral Ministry, need-based scholarships, and direct tuition assistance.

    The Alumni Association has general meetings approximately three times a year where guest speakers from the school update alumni and friends on what is happening at Moeller. Not only do these meetings provide the chance to come back to campus, they are also an opportunity to catch up with old friends.

    We encourage you attend a meeting and see for yourself! Your interest and involvement are always welcome and appreciated. On a visit back to Moeller, Gerry Faust addressed the student body and remarked that he had "21 great years at Moeller that he wouldn't trade for anything." He went on to say that the students only have four years, “so make the most of them...and make sure you leave Moeller a better place for the guys coming up behind you." An active interest and involvement in Moeller as an alumnus, parent, or friend will perpetuate the success of the school in educating and molding young men in the Marianist tradition for years to come. For more information on the Alumni Association, please use the contact information below.
  • Alumni Association Executive Board

    President: Mike Munafo '00
    Vice President: Brad Gibson '00
    Past President: Nick Hodge '94

    1960s: Nick Haverkos '67
    1970s:  John Costello '79
    1980s:  Rob Hornback '88
    1990s:  Joe Buckley '95
    2000s:  Tony Lane '01
    Marianist Advisor: Bro. Bob Flaherty, S.M., Bro. Ron Luksic, S.M.
    Treasurer: Bill Balbach '72
    Parent Advisor: Mike Lopinto
    M-FAN Rep: Joe Foley '83 and Pat Morgan '79

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