Brother Eveslage Service Award

This award recognizes an individual who, through years of tireless effort, has made significant contributions of time, talent and treasure to the growth of Archbishop Moeller High School.

2017 Recipient: Bill Braun '72

Bill Braun ’72 began his teaching career at Moeller High School in 1977 after graduating from Xavier University. He holds a Master’s in Education and has been an integral member and leader of Moeller’s esteemed Mathematics department. As the facilities director Bill was instrumental in the auditorium renovation project, the guidance department expansion, and the engineering classroom upgrades.
Bill continues to be a resource for the school in many areas by providing audio and lighting support for school masses, theatre productions, and special events. But to many, Bill is one of the true Moeller historians – on everything from academics, faculty remembrances and Moeller’s campus.
Past Brother Lawrence Eveslage Award Winners:

1978 Brother Lawrence Eveslage, S.M.
1979 John F. & Mary C. McCormick
1980 Francis R. Dugan
1981 John A. Massarella
1982 Father Lawrence R. Krusling
1983 Donald H. Richter
1984 Brother Charles P. Wanda, S.M.
1985 Thomas Tilsley
1986 John A. King
1987 Bruce A. Buckley ‘67
1988 William O. Brisben
1989 Barry F. Bucher
1990 Mark Manley
1991 Paul Hock
1992-1994 No Award Presented
1995 Thomas E. Fitz
1996 William J. Bonn
1997 No Award Presented
1998 Michael E. Cameron
1999 Frank W. Cianciolo, M.D.
2000 Kenneth P. Schlotman
2001 Brother Robert M. Flaherty, S.M.
2002 Patricia A. Buckley
2002 Gerry Faust
2004 Brother John R. Habjan, S.M.
2005 Brother Ronald G. Luksic, S.M.
2005 Philip C. Gigliotti
2006 Brother Joseph Kamis, S.M.
2007 David E. Schlueter, M.D. ‘67
2007 John J. George ‘74
2008 Robert E. & Joan M. Maegly
2009 Philip J. Kreiner ‘76
2010 Jack W. Long
2011 R. Dean Meiszer
2012 Michael J. Folchi ‘79
2013 Paul V. Kollman, M.D.
2014 Dom & Lisa Iacovone 
2015: John Widmeyer '68 
2016: Bill Braun '72 

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