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Become a Member of the Marianist Society by Making an Annual Gift…

With a gift of $1000 or more, you become a member of the Marianist Society. By being a part of this annual giving society you will help move Moeller forward while holding on to the rich tradition upon which the school was built. As a member of the Marianist Society you will receive; an invitation to the President’s Dinner, (2) Tickets to a Moeller sporting event as well as (2) tickets to the Fall/Spring drama production and other benefits listed to the right. As a young alum (age 30 and under), your gift of $250 will allow you to become a member of the Marianist Society at the Emerging Leaders giving level. This giving level was created specifically for young alumni to begin engagement and receive the same membership benefits.

Every Gift Counts...

We realize that not everyone can make a commitment of $1000 so we encourage your participation at the level most comfortable for you; a level where your passion for Moeller meets your ability to give. Every gift counts and makes a difference in the lives of young men who attend Moeller High School every year. Whatever the gift amount, be assured it will be used to enhance the Moeller experience for every student.

The Marianist Society Benefits

Invitation to the President’s Dinner
Moeller Sports Tickets (2)
(One Event Based on Availability
Fall / Spring Drama Tickets (2)
Marianist Society Logo Wear
Marianist Society Lapel Pin
Your Name listed in the Annual
Report/Honor Roll
Tax Deductible Gift
Every level has the same benefits.
“I invite you as members of the Moeller Family to ensure the tradition stays alive and strong for our future Men of Moeller. I have come back to Moeller High School to serve the community that changed my life. Please join me in supporting our mission.”

-Marshall Hyzdu ‘ 96
President, Moeller High School

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