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Become a Founding Member of the 1960 Society and Leave a Legacy

In 1960, Bro. Lawrence Eveslage, SM welcomed the very first group of young men to the newly-opened Archbishop Moeller High School. Over the 56 years that have followed, we have worked diligently to provide the same quality Catholic and Marianist education that those first Men of Moeller experienced. Now, we need your help. We are asking you to support a new effort to ensure that other young men and families who desire this Catholic and Marianist education have that opportunity.
By joining other Moeller families in this new initiative, you join in paying it forward to allow Archbishop Moeller High School to continue to provide the same quality education and life experiences that it has for your family members or friends.
The 1960 Society will recognize and honor all individuals who provide support for Archbishop Moeller High School in their wills, trusts, life income gifts, retirement plans, life insurance policies and other legacy gifts. By joining others in this endeavor, you can take satisfaction from knowing that you will be a part of continuing this very important legacy. For 1960 Society members, Moeller further becomes their school. This act of support reaffirms Moeller’s promise to young men about the future … that it will keep getting better, that they are needed to make it better, and that their Moeller education will serve them exceedingly well.
As a member of the 1960 Society, you will be invited to periodic special events for Society members, including student performances and Moeller’s Annual President’s Dinner. The school will also publicly recognize Society members who have expressly given permission to list their names. The school also honors all requests for anonymity.
Please prayerfully consider membership in this extremely important initiative that will help Moeller thrive in the future.

Getting Started. . .

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  • Bequests

    Download the Confidential Bequest Gift Information Form

    You may name Archbishop Moeller as a beneficiary of your estate in your will. If you have a current will, an amendment or codicil can be added at your next revision. If you have yet to create your will, an attorney can make sure that your wishes to include Moeller High School are properly stated.

    Many donors find it satisfying to know that their bequest can establish an endowed fund for assisting qualified young men receive a Moeller education.
  • Beneficiary Designation

    You may also name Archbishop Moeller as a beneficiary of such instruments as bank accounts, IRAs and 401Ks.
  • Life Insurance

    Gifts of life insurance may also offer a simple way to support Moeller, especially if your family no longer needs the policy for financial security after your death. You can make a gift of life insurance by making Moeller an owner or beneficiary of an existing policy or a new policy. If the policy is paid up, your charitable contribution is generally the replacement value or your cost basis, whichever is less. If the policy is not paid up, your additional premiums may also qualify for charitable deductions. This kind of gift requires consultation with a staff member.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities

    A charitable gift annuity is a simple contract in which you agree to make a donation of cash, stocks or other agreed upon assets to Archbishop Moeller High School. In return, Moeller agrees to pay you, you and your spouse, or someone else you may choose, a fixed amount each year for the rest of your life. This provides a gift to Moeller and allows you to receive fixed payments for life.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

    Individuals making gifts through charitable remainder unitrusts transfer cash, securities or other property to a trust. You receive an income tax deduction and pay no capital gains tax. During its term the trust pays a percentage of its value each year to you or anyone you name. When the trust ends, the remaining principal passes to Moeller High School.
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts

    Individuals making gifts through a charitable annuity trust transfer cash, securities or other property to a trust. Donors will receive an income tax deduction and may avoid capital gains tax. During its term, the trust pays a fixed amount each year to you or to anyone you name. When the trust ends, the remaining principal passes to Moeller High School.
  • IRA and Retirement Plans

    Most retirement plans, including 401(k)s and IRAs, are income tax–deferred, meaning that income tax is not paid until the funds are distributed to you in life, or upon your death. This taxation makes retirement assets among the most costly assets to distribute to loved ones. Because they are subject to income taxes to your beneficiaries, retirement assets make ideal gifts to tax-exempt charitable organizations such as Archbishop Moeller High School as these gifts can possibly decrease estate taxes and income taxes.

Your Gift is a Powerful Investment

If you’d like to confidentially discuss how you can participate in this opportunity to leave a real legacy, please call Mike Volan, Director of Planned Giving at 513-791-1680 ext. 1320 or Once any legacy gift is agreed upon, we pledge to make sure the purpose of your gift is understood by Moeller and will include you as a member of the 1960 Society.

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“We all have a desire to leave the world a better place. Estate planning is the financial piece of that aspiration. It is where we provide for our families and, if our financial situation allows, provide for others. A gift to Archbishop Moeller High School is a wonderful way to ensure that young men in the future will experience the brotherhood and family that is Moeller High School.

Please consider joining me as a member of the The 1960 Society and make a  gift to Archbishop Moeller in your will or trust.”
                 - Jim Grau ‘69

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