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It's How Young Men Learn Best REALearning: Relational, Experiential, Authentic

It's why Moeller is the leader in educating young men.


Young men respond and learn when a genuine, trusting relationship is built between the student and his teachers. This is at the core of a Moeller education. The relationships between students and their teachers and counselors are unique and embedded in our culture. From the Writing Center hosted by Mr. Eble and supported by AP English Language students, to the 42 mentor teachers who meet with their group of students every single day, every Moeller teacher is committed to forming the individual Moeller Man. The House System, service trips, 16 athletic teams and the 24 Moeller alumni who have returned home to teach and work at Moeller also support building our community – enriching the brotherhood that lasts a lifetime.


Young men learn best when they are immersed, active, and interested in their classroom material. Decades of research on the best instructional methods for young men guide our design of learning environments for young men to thrive. Our remodeled classrooms provide a flexible learning environment for students to take ownership of their learning and our 90-minute classes provide time for collaboration, inquiry, and exploration. Learning also extends beyond the classroom walls – we offer global immersion experiences and service-learning projects for students to apply their learning in and out of the classroom. Our students discover their passions and accomplish their goals throughout their four years at Moeller.


Young men thrive in an environment that is connected to their interests and career aspirations. At Moeller, a young man’s education is customized and tailored to him. Because we offer over 50 electives and over 30 Advanced Placement (AP) and College Credit Plus (CCP) classes, students can personalize their education to foster their intellectual curiosity and enhance their college and career aspirations. Students may also enroll in a mixture of leveled classes depending on their particular strengths in subject areas. The Class of 2023 earned over 1,443 credit hours through the AP and CCP programs in engineering, business and information technology. 

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