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Academic Excellence in a Supportive Environment

At Moeller, we offer a variety of academic supports for students to achieve their academic goals. From the M-block time built into freshmen and sophomore schedules to peer tutoring, students and faculty are dedicated to building a collaborative learning community.
Additionally, Archbishop Moeller High School is committed to offering a college preparatory education in the Marianist tradition to young men with learning differences. Through Special Education Services, students with documented disabilities are provided opportunities to develop their academic potential through collaborative support services and accommodations, to develop an understanding of their strengths, limitations, and learning styles, and to develop and bridge new skills and strategies across the curriculum. In Marianist Community Development, students are provided academic support and guidance as they transition into life at Moeller.

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  • Special Education Services

    Moeller’s Special Education Services was founded in 2004 for students with learning differences. It is yet another way Moeller continues to live our Mission – Catholic. Marianist. Forming our Students into Remarkable Men.
    For those students with an IEP or services plan, Moeller’s four intervention specialists provide specialized instruction to empower students to achieve success in our college preparatory curriculum. Intervention specialists monitor progress, support students in their academic coursework and assist with the transition process to college. Students participate in all levels of college preparatory classes and meet the same academic and graduation requirements as their classmates. In addition, they participate in the academic development class to learn effective study strategies and to progress in their individual goals and objectives.
  • Speech & Language Services

    For those students who struggle with verbal and nonverbal communication, a part-time speech and language pathologist works with students in group or individual settings. Students work on developing their pragmatic, receptive, and expressive language skills as specified in their IEP or services plan.
  • Marianist Community Development

    The purpose of this program is to measurably increase the diversity of the student body here at Moeller. This program will accomplish this goal through a three-pronged strategy. It includes actively working to recruit and admit a wider range of students, creating a proactive retention program assisting current non-traditional students who may be having difficulties adapting to the environment, and creating robust legacies that will diversify our alumni to be an engine for recruitment of diverse students.
  • Moeller Accommodation Plan (MAP) 

    For those students who require instructional and assessment accommodations (i.e. extended time), Moeller intervention specialists and counselors design a plan that is communicated to all classroom teachers.
  • Math Instructional Specialist

    Moeller’s math instructional specialist provides individualized support to students to encourage growth in mathematical thinking. Math support services include concept reinforcement, homework support, test review preparation, and lesson overview for students who have been absent.  
  • National Honor Society Peer Tutors

  • M-Block

    Freshmen and sophomore students participate in this dedicated study hall monitored by their mentor teacher. During this time, students have the opportunity to meet individually with faculty members for review and remediation, to meet with their house counselor, to meet with the math instructional specialist, and to complete assignments and assessments.
  • Writing Center

    The Moeller Writing Center relies on peer tutoring—provided by senior AP English Language students—to grow students’ composition skills through Socratic questioning.  Students can bring texts to the Writing Center at any stage of the process to improve their ideas, organization, punctuation, citation, or any other aspect of composition.
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