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Our Mission is simple – Catholic. Marianist. Forming our Students into Remarkable Men. Our ask is humble. We look to you to help us fulfill our mission and work with us to provide a Moeller education to young men who look to be men of character, faith, and knowledge.

We appreciate the time, talent, and treasure of all of the Moeller family and those who know the value of a Moeller education. Through the Annual Fund, the Marianist Society, Named Scholarships and Planned Giving (The 1960 Society), we humbly ask for your support and commitment to Moeller and the young men who believe in the power of a Marianist education.

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  • Annual Giving

    The Annual Giving program supports the areas of greatest need at Moeller High School and helps provide a Moeller education for young men who might not have the means to afford it. Your annual gift also enables us to achieve our Mission – Catholic. Marianist. Forming our Students into Remarkable Men.
  • Marianist Society

    The generosity of those in the Marianist Society allows us to achieve our goals. By making a gift of $1,000 or more, the members of the Marianist Society make a lasting impact on Moeller’s Mission – Catholic. Marianist. Forming our Students into Remarkable Men. Supporting the Annual Fund at the Marianist Society level ensures a Moeller education for a young man who might not have the means to afford it. It makes a difference in the lives of many young men who look to be men of faith, men of knowledge, men of character – Men of Moeller. 
  • Named Scholarships

    The Moeller Named Scholarship Program complements our tuition aid program. This program is essential for maintaining Moeller’s enrollment and providing a Moeller education for those who otherwise could not attend. It also gives the donor the opportunity to follow a young man through his time at Moeller. Currently, there are over 75 named scholarships, both endowed and quasi-endowed. These scholarship providers play an integral role in the lives of many young men who look to be men of faith, men of knowledge, men of character – Men of Moeller.

    Named Scholarships:
    Antenucci Family Scholarship
    Anonymous (2)
    Archbishop Dennis M. Shnurr Scholarship
    Thomas & Shirley Bohmer Scholarship
    Boyd Family Scholarship
    Bob Bresnan Scholarship 
    Brueggeman Family Scholarship
    Bucher Family Scholarship
    Daniel J. Buckley ‘91 Scholarship
    Cass Family Scholarship
    Catino Family Scholarships
    Christopher Michael ’08 & Blake Peter ’13 Chambliss Scholarship
    Jim Champlin ‘72 Trinity House Scholarship
    Class of 1964
    Class of 1968
    Class of 1974
    Class of 1975
    Class of 1976
    Class of 1977 (2)
    Class of 1983
    Class of 1984
    Class of 1985
    Class of 1988
    Class of 2010 Bubba Hoctor Scholarship
    Class of 2011 Josh Pflum Scholarship
    Class of 2016 Rob Graham Memorial Scholarship
    Blane Collison Scholarship
    Mr. & Mrs. John V. Crable Scholarship
    Joel Cornette Scholarship
    Curran Family Scholarships
    Bob and Ciel Curran Memorial Scholarship
    Joe Currin ’90 Memorial Scholarship
    Jeff & Jennifer Davis Family Scholarship
    Denoyer Family Scholarship
    John B. Eddingfield Scholarship
    Brother Lawrence Eveslage, S.M. Scholarship
    Patrick & JoAnn Fehring Scholarship
    Fiessinger Family Scholarship
    Ed & Nancy Finke Family Scholarship
    The Fitz Family Scholarships
    Gallenstein Scholarships
    Bill & Debbie Geiger Family Scholarship
    Julia R. Gilles Memorial Scholarship 
    William L. “Billy” Gorczynski ’16 Scholarship
    Grau Family Scholarship
    Michael F. Habegger ‘89 Scholarship
    Fred & Patricia Hartman Family Scholarship
    Hatton Foundation Scholarships
    Hodge Family Scholarship
    Hopkins Courage Scholarship
    Horter Family Scholarships
    Hubbard Family Scholarship
    Hyzdu Family Scholarship
    Iacovone Family 99-11-7 Scholarship
    Tom & Charlotte Kilcoyne Scholarships
    Thomas A. & Carole Klimesch Scholarship
    Klonne Scholarship
    Richard ’75 & Kathy Koulouris Scholarship
    Fr. Thomas Kreidler Scholarship
    Kreiner Family Scholarship
    Dr. Edward Kremcheck Scholarships
    Father Lawrence R. Krusling Scholarship
    Brother Elmer Lange, S.M. Scholarship
    Daniel J. Ledford ‘66 Scholarship
    Loewenstine Family Scholarships
    Brother Ron Luksic, S.M. Scholarship
    Steve & Jeri Lynch Family Scholarship
    Marianist Way Scholarships
    Marianist Community Scholarship
    Father Robert Marine Scholarship
    Mater Dei Scholarships
    Charlotte McCullough Memorial Scholarship
    Jim Metz Carpe Diem Scholarship
    Moeller Faculty & Staff Scholarship
    Molina Family Scholarship
    Bob & Arlene Niehaus Family Scholarship
    Dan ‘77 and Kris Neyer Scholarship
    Ian M. Pierce Memorial Scholarship
    Rains Family Scholarship
    Renneker Family Scholarship
    Jerry Robinson Scholarships
    Rossman Family Scholarships
    Tyler Rotte ‘92 Memorial Scholarship
    Todd B. Rumpke Memorial Scholarship
    Todd Schaffner Scholarship
    Jai Schiavone Scholarship
    Eric J. Schlueter ‘68 Scholarship
    Schmitt/Judd Family Scholarship
    Schneider Family Scholarships
    Ted & Alice Schneider Scholarship
    Schum Family Scholarship
    Scott Family Scholarships
    Mark Shipp ’08 Scholarship
    Michael A. Stofko ’93 Memorial Scholarship
    Suter Family Scholarship
    Walter J. Sweeney Family Scholarship
    Michael Cleveland Sylvester
    Memorial Scholarships
    Thibodeaux Family Scholarship
    Michael J. Thorne ‘99 Scholarship
    Tino/Wilp Family Scholarship
    Jack Toomb ’15 Memorial Scholarship
    Father Vincent Vasey, S.M. Scholarship
    Harry Waechter, TSGT, US Army, WWII Veteran Military Scholarship
    Walsh Family Scholarship
    Brother Charles Wanda, S.M. 
    Memorial Scholarship
    Aaron Wietzel ‘91 Memorial Scholarship
    Jeremy Wietzel ’95 Memorial Scholarship
    Brother Raymond D. Wuco, S.M. Scholarship

    If you are interested in funding a named scholarship, email Ann Niehaus at 
  • Ohio Tax Credit Scholarships (CEF – SGO)

    Click Here to Give to Moeller through the Ohio Tax Credit Scholarships (CEF – SGO)

    The Catholic Education Foundation for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (CEF) has been certified by Ohio as a
    scholarship-granting organization (SGO).

    In keeping with the mission of CEF and the regulations of an SGO, CEF-SGO provides financial-need-based scholarships to students in grades K-12 within the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
    Supporting students and their formation through Catholic Education, is a great way to share our blessings and faith with younger generations.  The CEF-SGO may now allow for Catholic Education supporters to be able to receive a tax credit for their generosity.
    Ohio taxpayers who donate to SGOs may be able to claim a dollar-for-dollar, non-refundable tax credit on their state income tax return for up to $750 per donor (up to $1,500 if married and filing jointly). (See section 5747.73 of the Ohio Revised Code.)

    PLEASE NOTE: According to a representative from the Ohio Department of Taxation, if you file a married joint return, each taxpayer would need to make their own $750 contribution to claim the maximum of $1,500. Separate acknowledgement letters will be provided for documentation of your gifts.
  • Planned Giving

    In 1960, Bro. Lawrence Eveslage, SM welcomed the very first group of young men to the newly-opened Archbishop Moeller High School. Over the 56 years that have followed, we have worked diligently to provide the same quality Catholic and Marianist education that those first Men of Moeller experienced. Now, we need your help. We are asking you to support a new effort to ensure that other young men and families who desire this Catholic and Marianist education have that opportunity.
    By joining other Moeller families in this new initiative, you join in paying it forward to allow Archbishop Moeller High School to continue to provide the same quality education and life experiences that it has for your family members or friends.
    The 1960 Society will recognize and honor all individuals who provide support for Archbishop Moeller High School in their wills, trusts, life income gifts, retirement plans, life insurance policies, and other legacy gifts. By joining others in this endeavor, you can take satisfaction from knowing that you will be a part of continuing this very important legacy. For 1960 Society members, Moeller further becomes their school. This act of support reaffirms Moeller’s promise to young men about the future … that it will keep getting better, that they are needed to make it better, and that their Moeller education will serve them exceedingly well.
    As a member of the 1960 Society, you will be invited to periodic special events for Society members, including student performances and Moeller’s Annual President’s Dinner. The school will also publicly recognize Society members who have expressly given permission to list their names. The school also honors all requests for anonymity.
    Please prayerfully consider membership in this extremely important initiative that will help Moeller thrive in the future.
Catholic. Marianist.
Forming our Students into Remarkable Men.

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