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Archbishop Moeller High School’s Chaminade Global Scholars program offers high-achieving students an opportunity to conduct an in-depth study of a global issue. The program is designed to engage students in practical experiences and investigate a wide range of themes and questions in three core areas: develop awareness of and propose solutions for global issues; cross-cultural skill-building and an understanding of others; and exposure to global business challenges and investigating best practices for success in a global world.

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  • Academics

    Students must maintain a GPA of 90% or higher each year; select honors-level courses in two out of the three freshman core courses (English, math, or science); and earn at least 6 additional credits in honors-level courses (total of at least 8 honors-level courses) by graduation.
  • Capstone

    Each student will produce and present in his senior year a Final Capstone Project, which focuses on the issue(s) that he learned about in one particular area of the world. The project must connect to the global scholar’s future as well as cite the implications for the United States, and how it challenges the participant to respond through peace, justice, and faithfulness.
  • Language and Cultural Immersion

    All participants are encouraged to take four years of a World Language and grow their proficiency through participation in a Global Immersion Program abroad (e.g., El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, or Spain) or within the United States (e.g., Nazareth Farm, Navajo Nation, Rooted in the Vine). Students who have a strong background in a second or third language will have access to the Seal of Biliteracy, which will be added to transcripts upon successful completion of an AP World Language Exam or an alternate assessment approved by the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Leadership

    Students are required to attend one speaker presentation at Moeller High School, and at least one presentation outside of the school. Students are encouraged to seek out leadership roles within Model UN, Speech and Debate, World Language Clubs, and our House System.
  • Paid Internship

    Interested students may take advantage of being paired with an organization for a paid internship. This experiential opportunity supports students in building their professional network and discerning career interests.
  • Service

    All participants must perform additional service hours each year. Students will be directed to participate in programs that focus on solidarity, reverse service, global awareness, and service at the national and/or international level junior and senior years.

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