Named Scholarships

The Moeller Named Scholarship Program compliments our tuition aid program by providing financial assistance to young men who qualify through application for need based tuition assistance. This program is essential for maintaining Moeller’s enrollment and providing a Moeller education for those who otherwise could not attend. It also gives the donor the opportunity to follow a young man through his time at Moeller. As we prepare our young men to be tomorrow's leaders, we are very aware of the role that our scholarship providers play in our school.

Types of Scholarships

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  • Help Make a Man of Moeller Now! Non-Endowed Scholarships

    Non-endowed scholarships play an important role at Moeller High School because student need far exceeds the amount of tuition assistance that is available.
    • A named, four year renewable scholarship can be established with a four year pledge gift of $2,500 or more per year..
    • This is a scholarship fund in which the donor contributes the award amount annually. Contributions can be added to the fund by the initial donor and/or others who may wish to contribute to the fund (i.e., family, friends, employers, etc.).
    • In the case of a non-endowed annual scholarship, the Treasurer places the contribution in the scholarship reserve, and the funds are totally exhausted, as needed that academic year.
  • Help Make a Man of Moeller Now and Plan for the Future! Quasi-Endowed Scholarships

    A named, quasi endowed scholarship is an annual giving plan designed to award a renewable scholarship to a student from the annual gift with additional funds donated each year to eventually endow the scholarship.

    To endow a $2500 named scholarship $50,000 is needed in endowment for that scholarship.

    A named, quasi-endowed scholarship is an account from which payments are made from both principal and interest.

    Additional contributions may be made to a quasi-endowed scholarship; however, if additional contributions are not made, payments will normally be made until all funds are expended. If at any time additional contributions raise the balance of a quasi-endowed scholarship above the minimum established for an endowed fund, then a quasi-endowed scholarship may be converted into an endowed scholarship fund.
    EXAMPLE OF A FIVE YEAR PLAN TO ESTABLISH a $2500 quasi-endowed named scholarship
    • Year 1 annual gift $12,500
    • Year 2 annual gift $12,500
    • Year 3 annual gift $12,500
    • Year 4 annual gift $12,500
    • Year 5 annual gift $10,500
    After the final pledge payment is completed in year 5, the donor(s) has the option to either continue adding to the quasi-endowed fund or begin using the remaining balance to award their named scholarship to a Moeller student.

    Year 5 annual gift is less because the previous gifts added to the endowment have earned interest to be used for the award.

    Plans can be created for multiple scholarships, larger scholarships, and longer giving plans.
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  • Help a Future Man of Moeller! Endowed Scholarships

    The creation of an endowment gives alumni and friends the chance to help shape Moeller High School now and in the future. Endowments provide a source of income in perpetuity and can be restricted or unrestricted.

    A named, endowed scholarship can be established with a gift or pledge of $50,000 or more. Pledge payments should be completed within 5 years.

    Once the named, endowed scholarship reaches $50,000 it becomes a permanent named endowed scholarship and begins providing financial assistance.

    An endowed scholarship creates a permanent legacy for Moeller students. While gifts to an endowed scholarship fund remain untouched, a portion of the income earned from the fund finances student scholarships.

    The endowment levels below are suggested levels of giving:
    • Endowed $100,000 $5000 scholarship
    • Endowed $75,000 $3750 scholarship
    • Endowed $50,000 $2500 Scholarship
    Unless otherwise agreed upon by the donor and the High School, the School’s treasurer places the funds in a commingled endowed scholarship fund that is administered according to investment policies of the Moeller High School... Only income generated by the endowed scholarship’s principal is disbursed as scholarship awards.

    Endowed funds are permanent and the principal is to remain intact. The rate of return may vary depending upon prevailing conditions affecting the investments of the endowed scholarship fund.

Scholarship Information Contact

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It is only through the generosity of donors like these following alumni, parents, and friends of Moeller who continue to give, to help make it possible to maintain Moeller’s enrollment. It is a gift that truly can change a life.

Named Scholarships

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  • Class of ’77 Scholarship

    This scholarship was established through the generosity of many of the graduates of the Class of 1977. This class has taken the lead in the number of contributors and the total amount. A $100,000 challenge pledge from one of the members of the Class has provided many of the members of the class a great challenge to contribute, and as a result, the scholarship total has led to it being endowed.

    The bond of friendship of the members of the Class of 1977 continues. Their support now provides the opportunity for future “Men of Moeller” to create those same bonds.
  • Class of ’84 Scholarship

    The Class of ’84 Scholarship was generated through the leadership of a number of graduates from the Class of 1984 and is awarded to a student who demonstrates need. Preference is given to sons of alumni who are eligible.
  • Class of ’88 Scholarship

    The Class of ’88 Scholarship was generated through the leadership of a number of graduates from the Class of 1988 and is awarded to a student who demonstrates need. Preference is given to sons of alumni who are eligible.
  • Antenucci Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by the children and grandchildren of Frank and Ann Antenucci to recognize them and thank them for their love and support, particularly for the many years of support in providing a Catholic education. Frank and Ann have been generous supporters of Moeller High School throughout the years and have continued this support after their sons and grandson have graduated.
  • Daniel J. Buckley '91 Scholarship

    On October 21,1995 Dan Buckley was killed by a random act of violence in St. Louis, MO. He was 22 years old and a recent graduate of Washington University. At the time of his death the Buckley Family requested memorial contributions be made to Moeller. His parents, Bruce and Pat decided to also contribute to this memorial fund, which has continued to grow through generous donations from family and friends. Thanks to these contributions a scholarship in Dan’s name was made possible. Preference to the recipient is given to a student who has multiple siblings in Catholic schools.
  • Catino Family Scholarships

    To encourage academically gifted students to attend Moeller and maintain the strong tradition of academic excellence the Catino Family has established needs-based scholarships for exceptional students. The goal is for “the best and the brightest” to experience the Moeller education they provided for their children. Ted Catino graduated from Moeller in 1979. Ted and his wife Becky have three sons, all Men of Moeller: T.J. ’05, Vince ’08, and Mitch ’12.

    Recipients must score in the 90th percentile or higher on the Moeller Placement Exam and demonstrate academic excellence at the grade-school level.
  • Christopher Michael '08 & Blake Peter '13 Chambliss Scholarship

    his scholarship was established as a way to honor two living men of Moeller, Christopher Michael Chambliss ’08, and Blake Peter Chambliss ’13. The brothers were blessed in many ways through their Moeller education and this named scholarship is their family’s way of giving back to another deserving Moeller student.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John V. Crable Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by the sons of the Crables’ in thanks for the love and support they provided by providing a Catholic, Moeller education for their children. It is awarded to an incoming freshman who demonstrates need and participates in at least one co-curricular activity.
  • Curran Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established and endowed through the generous contribution of Curt and Linda Curran, parents of Zach, a Moeller graduate of 2010. The Currans were very active at Moeller for many years, particularly through their involvement in Moeller’s Main Event which they chaired in 2009. In awarding this scholarship preference is given to a student involved in service and pastoral ministry activities.
  • The Denoyer Family Scholarship

    The Denoyer Family Scholarship was established in 2014 by Theresa and David Denoyer thru the generosity of John and Joyce Berning, grandparents of Drew Denoyer '15 to continue the legacy of Catholic education which was a very important component to the educational development of many members of the Berning family. This scholarship seeks to support young men in the local area and from some of the original feeder schools in Cincinnati to Moeller to allow for them the same opportunities.
  • Bill and Debbie Geiger Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established through the generosity of Bill and Debbie Geiger and their two sons, Moeller graduates, Heath’94 and Chris ’04. Debbie also was employed at Moeller as she worked for a number of years in the role as Advancement Director, Main Event Director, and developed the Mother’s Club Fashion Show and Boutique. Through her efforts, Moeller was able to provide financial support for many areas of need in the school, particularly tuition assistance.
  • Grau Family Scholarship

    The Grau Family feels very strongly about the positive impact that a Moeller education has on young men. In that spirit they established the Grau Family Scholarship in 2009 in hopes that other young men might be afforded the same opportunity they were fortunate enough to have.

    Among the very first graduating seniors at Moeller was a young man named Bob Grau. From that first graduating class and throughout the history of Moeller, eight members of the Grau family have been proud to call themselves “Men of Moeller.” And have had richer lives because of the experience.
  • Hatton Foundation Scholarship

    Through a generous donation from the Hatton Foundation scholarships are provided to young men who demonstrate financial need and are part of the Moeller Special Education Services Program. President of the Foundation is Steve Scherzinger ‘73. Steve has two sons who are also Moeller graduates, Eric ’03 and Kurt ’00.
  • The Hodge Family Scholarship

    The Hodge Family Scholarship was created to celebrate the tremendous impact of a Moeller education on the Hodge Family, (Chris ’85, Steven ’87, Joe ’88, and Nick ’88) and now their sons, Charlie ’13, Cooper ’16, and several in the waiting for their turn to become a Crusader. Nick currently serves as the President of the Alumni Association and through his service and dedication, led the effort to establish this scholarship to allow for the same impact that the Hodge family has received to other current and future “Men of Moeller” as they begin to shape their lives at Moeller.
  • Horter Family Scholarships

    These scholarships were established by Drew and Gwen Horter, very loyal and committed Moeller parents. They have two sons attending Moeller, Hayden ’17 and Griffin ’18. Through their generosity and support they are providing a Moeller education for students who otherwise would not be able to attend.
  • Hyzdu Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established through the generosity of the Hyzdu Family. Marshall is a 1996 Moeller graduate, and by giving back to his alma mater his family is providing an opportunity for a sophomore, junior, or senior who participates in a co-curricular activity, displays Christian leadership among his classmates, and demonstrates financial need to attend Moeller.
  • Class of '11 Josh Pflum Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by the Class of 2011 as a memorial for Josh Pflum, one of their classmates who passed away in an accident during his senior year at Moeller. Members of the class have pledged a yearly contribution to support and continue this scholarship in Josh’s name.
  • Class of '76 Scholarship

    This scholarship was established through the generosity of many of the graduates of the Class of 1976.  The bond of friendship within the class of '76 continues today and their support now provides the opportunity for future Men of Moeller to achieve a Catholic education.  This gift is awarded to a student who demonstrates and qualifies for financial need.
  • Class of '64 Scholarship

  • Class of '74 Scholarship

  • Class of '83 Scholarship

  • Class of '75 Scholarship

  • Bucher Family Scholarship

  • Bob and Ciel Curran Memorial Scholarship

  • Anonymous (2)

  • Bobby Bresnen Scholarship

  • Blane Collison Scholarship

  • Jeff and Jennifer Davis Family Scholarship

  • Brother Larry Eveslage, S.M. Scholarship

  • Fiessinger Family Scholarship

  • Julia Gilles Memorial Scholarship

  • Hartman Family Scholarship

  • Arcbishop Schnurr Scholarship

  • Thomas & Shirley Bohmer Scholarship

    This scholarship was created in honor of Tom and Shirley Bohmer, both of whom have made considerable contributions to education as long time employees of Sycamore schools. Tom and Shirley made great sacrifices to provide Catholic education for their three children from grade school through college. Jim ’84 and Mike ’91 recognize their parents sacrifice made for them and now, though this scholarship; enable a young man to have a Moeller education.
  • Cass Family Scholarship

  • Jim Champlin '72 Trinity House Scholarship

    Jim Champlin, a beloved religion teacher and Trinity House Dean embodied the true, “Man of Moeller” philosophy.  Before his death in June 2011, this scholarship was established to promote the Trinity House characteristics of brotherhood, unity, and Christian values.  This scholarship is awarded to a sophomore or junior and is renewable as long as the student remains on the honor roll, meets scholarship criteria, and continues to demonstrate financial need.
  • Class of '68 Scholarship

  • Joel Cornette Memorial Scholarship

  • Joe Currin '90 Memorial Scholarship

  • Dean Family Scholarship

  • John B. Eddingfield Scholarship

  • Ed and Nancy Finke Family Scholarship

  • Fitz Family Scholarship

  • Michael F. Habegger '89 Scholarship

    Michael entered Moeller High School in 1985. Through hard work and the support and encouragement of many he graduated in 1989. During his time at Moeller he was a student manager in football, basketball, and baseball earning 12 varsity letters. The Habegger Family is forever grateful for Moeller’s outstanding contribution to Michael’s success. Mike continues today to be a loyal supporter of Moeller and its athletic programs. Preference is given to a recipient who has special learning needs.
  • The Dan ‘85 and Nancy Hopkins Courage Scholarship

    Established by Greg Hopkins ’74 and his family this scholarship is named to recognize and thank Greg’s brother, Dan ’85, who displayed immeasurable love and courage by donating a life giving organ to Greg. This scholarship continues to be supported by both Hopkins families. Preference in awarding this scholarship is given to a family that has two or more children in Catholic education.
  • Hubbard Family Scholarship

  • Iacovone Family 99-11-7 Scholarship

    The Iacovone family wishes to establish this scholarship in recognition of the influence of what faith-based education has had on the lives of their 3 sons, Dominick '06, Sage '09, and Spencer '13.  The combination of Moeller academics and athletics, as well as the Moeller teachers and coaches influence, has allowed their three sons to flourish in college, be rewarded significant career opportunities, and be well prepared to face whatever life holds for them in the future.
  • Steven T. Johnson ’99 Scholarship

    This scholarship is awarded in memory of Steven T. Johnson, Moeller Class of 1999. Thanks to the ongoing contributions and fundraising from family and friends this scholarship continues, and provides the opportunity for a young man, like Steve Johnson, to become a “Man of Moeller.”

Named Scholarships cont.

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  • The Kreiner Family Scholarship

    The Kreiner Family Scholarship, established by Phil Kreiner ’76, is a continuation of the commitment by Phil Kreiner to provide support to young men who seek the opportunity to experience a Moeller education and become part of the Moeller Family. This relationship with Moeller has had a huge impact on both Phil and his brother Kevin’71, both graduates and excellent examples of “Men of Moeller”. Phil has served Moeller in many ways and countless hours by serving as past Alumni President, Stag committee, Hall of Fame committee and because of his staunch support, was awarded the Bro. Lawrence Eveslage Service Award in 2010.
  • Dr. Edward Kremchek Scholarship

    Dr. Edward Kremchek, a pioneer in sports medicine in the Cincinnati area, set the standard of care among the student athletes of Moeller by serving as the school’s team physician beginning in 1978. To honor this service and his love for the mission and vision of Moeller High School, the Kremchek Family awards five scholarships each year to students. Preference is given to students who are involved in multiple co-curriculars or are involved at Moeller and also are employed outside the school.
  • Loewenstine Family Scholarship

    Through the generosity of Leon and Joy Loewenstine, this scholarship is awarded to a Moeller student who demonstrates financial need and is committed to becoming a Man of Moeller through determination, drive and hard work and serves as an example to other students. Leon and Joy have been so kind and generous with their support, and Leon is most recently a past Board of Trustees member and Chair of the Enrollment Management Committee. Their son, Nick, is a proud 2009 Moeller graduate.
  • Bob and Arlene Niehaus Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established through the generosity of Bob ’65, Arlene and family. Bob and Arlene’s sons are also Moeller graduates, Jason ’93 and Brian’96. For many years Bob worked as vice-president of Fifth Third Bank. He has been very active and involved at Moeller in many ways, particularly in serving as Director of the Moeller Board of Trustees, Annual Fund Committee Chair and past Main Event Chair.
  • Dan ’77 & Kris Neyer Scholarship

    This scholarship was established thanks to the generosity of Dan and Kris Neyer. Dan is a 1977 graduate of Moeller and their son, Zach, is a proud 2010 graduate. Both Dan and Kris have been involved at Moeller for many years as Main Event Honorary Chairs, and Dan, a past Board of Trustees member. Preference for awarding this scholarship is given to sons or grandsons of Moeller alums.
  • The Rains Family Scholarship

    The Rains Family Scholarship was established by Jay Rains’74 and his family. Jay lives in San Diego where he is a partner in a successful corporate, law practice. Jay was recognized in 2012 with Moeller’s Distinguished Alumni Award.
  • Eric J. Schlueter ’68 Scholarship

    The Eric J. Schlueter Scholarship was establish in memory of of the son of Dr. Elmer and Carmelita Schlueter. Eric was killed by a “hit-skip” driver at the age of 55. Eric, (“Rick”) was the 1968 Moeller Valedictorian, and continued his education at Notre Dame, Harvard Law, and Norhwestern.

    The Schlueter Family has a long history at Moeller with Dr. Elmer Schlueter serving as team physician for many years. The Schlueter boys, nephews, and grandnephews have continued the Moeller tradition.
  • Schmitt/Judd Family Scholarship

    The Schmitt/Judd Family has a long history of involvement and participation at Moeller High School. Don and Joan started by sending their sons to Moeller, Jim ’75, Bobby ’77, Mike ’81, Jerry ’81, and Jimmy ’83. Their commitment to Catholic education has continued through many grandchildren who have attended Catholic High Schools. Eric ’07, David ’11, and Kevin ‘13 are grandsons that graduated from Moeller. Thanks to their family scholarship other young men also have the opportunity for a Moeller education.
  • The Schneider Family Scholarships

    The Schneider Family (David ’82) established these scholarships in recognition of the significance that a faith based Moeller education has on the lives of young men. Preference is given to students whose parents have multiple children, and have a strong desire to provide a Catholic education for the entire family, but because of tuition costs would be unable to do so without assistance.
  • The Scott Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by Doctor Mark and Barb Scott, alumni parents. After providing a Catholic education for their children, Matt ’08 and Eric ‘13 they have remained committed to Catholic education and Moeller High School. Their scholarship makes a Moeller education possible for a young man who otherwise would not be able to attend.
  • The Suter Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by the Mike ’80 and Shirley Suter and their family. The Suter Family has had a long tradition at Moeller with four Suter brothers, sons of Marylyn and the late Frank Suter, as graduates. Mike and Shirley’s two sons have continued this tradition, Brent ‘08 and a graduate of Harvard University and Troy ’10 and a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.
  • Michael J. Thorne '99 Scholarship

    The Michael J. Thorne Scholarship was established in memory of Mike who passed away in May 2010. Mike always did his best to serve others without expectation of thanks or repayment. His faith, service, and love impacted so many lives and continues to do so today. Because of these values instilled in Mike during his time at Moeller, it is with great humility and gratitude that the Thorne Family and friends have established this scholarship in his name.

    This scholarship is awarded to an individual whose family has three or more children in Catholic schools, participates in at least one co-curricular activity, maintains Honors.
  • The Tino/Wilp Family Scholarship

    The Tino/Wilp Family Scholarship was established in 2013 to continue the legacy of Catholic education which was a very important component to the educational development of many members of the Tino and Wilp families. (Steve Tino ’72, Nick Tino ’05, Ed Wilp ’70, Tim Wilp ’77) With the continued increase in costs of a Catholic education, this scholarship seeks to support young men in the local area and from some of the original feeder schools in Cincinnati to Moeller to allow for them the same opportunities of these two great families.
  • The Tyler Rotte '92 Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by Bruce and Kris Rotte in memory of their son, Tyler Rotte, Class of ’92.  The award will be given to a student with financial need, as demonstrated through the application and financial aid process, and who participates in at least on co-curricular activity.
  • Steve & Jeri Lynch Family Scholarship

  • Jerry Robinson Scholarship

  • Todd Rumpke Memorial Scholarship

  • Thibodeaux Family Scholarship

  • Tom and Charlotte Kilcoyne Scholarships

    The Kilcoyne Family recognizes the tremendous impact that Moeller has on all of its students. The family is committed to providing support to future students who embody the characteristics of a “Man of Moeller.” Tom and Charlotte are native Cincinnatians and currently live in Loveland. They strongly believe in the value of a Catholic School. Their children Shelley and John attended St. Gertrude in Madiera. Shelly is a 1989 graduate of Ursuline, and John is a 1991 graduate of Moeller.

    John Kilcoyne ’91 and his parents continue to support Moeller through the establishment of their second scholarship. Through their donation and matching funds, they are providing another young man the opportunity to attend Moeller. John was Valedictorian of his Moeller Class and graduated from the University of Notre Dame. He works today as part of the Haire, Bohmer, Kilcoyne Wealth Management Group.
  • Moeller Faculty & Staff Scholarship

  • Michael Cleveland Sylvester Memorial Scholarships

    This scholarship was established to memorialize Mike and Lisa Sylvester’s first-born son, who died in 1984.

    Following his father, Mike, a 1970 Moeller graduate, their other son Matthew Joseph Sylvester graduated in 2001, and played on Moeller’s first state basketball championship team. Matt continued his education at The Ohio State University.

    In the Sylvester Family tradition this scholarship provides opportunities for young men to attend Moeller, and like the Sylvester’s, become Moeller alumni.
  • Klonne Scholarship

  • Richard '75 & Kathy Koulouris Scholarship

  • Fr. Thomas Kreidler Scholarship

  • Fr. Lawrence R. Kruesling Scholarship

  • Bro. Elmer Lange, S.M. Memorial Scholarship

  • Bro. Ron Luksic, S.M. Scholarship

  • The Marianist Way Scholarships

  • Fr. Robert Marine Memorial Scholarship

  • Charlotte McCullough Scholarship

  • Jim Metz Carpe Diem Scholarship

  • Rene '69 and Roland Molina Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship was established to honor the important role Moeller High school has played in the lives of the Molina family. Eight members of the Molina family graduated from Moeller and continued to further their education to make them successful and faith-filled men that they are today. In a special way the scholarship memorializes two members of the Molina family, Rene and Roland. First consideration will go to students who are of Hispanic descent.
  • Dan & Lynn Pierce Family Scholarship

  • The Renneker Family Scholarship

  • Rossman Family Scholarships

    This scholarship has been established through the generosity of Greg Rossmann, a Moeller graduate of 1979. Greg spent his childhood in the area attending All Saints before Moeller and continued his education at UC majoring in Electrical Engineering. Greg’s professional career involves work in Equity investments and even though Greg lives in California, he has continued to keep in touch with his alma mater and support Moeller through his scholarship.
  • The Scott & Todd Schaffner Scholarship

  • Jai Schiavone Scholarship

  • Michael A. Stofko '93 Memorial Scholarship

    The Michael A. Stofko Scholarship was established in memory of Michael who passed away in 1994. He was an outstanding varsity football player, an excellent student, and a leader on and off the athletic field. This scholarship provides the opportunity for a young man, like Michael, to develop his talents in and out of the classroom.
  • Father Joseph Tedesco (Teddy), S.M. Memorial Scholarship

  • Fr. Vincent Vasey, S.M.

  • Harry Waechter Military Scholarship

  • Walsh Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established through the generosity of the Walsh family.  Steve and Pat are Moeller graduates of 1982 and 1985 respectively.  Colleen Fantini (née Walsh, former Crusaders cheerleader), Carol Kreiner (Mom) and Tom Walsh (Dad) are also benefactors.  This scholarship enables a young man to become a “Man of Moeller.”  
  • Brother Charles Wanda, S.M. Memorial Scholarship

  • The Aaron Wietzel '91 Scholarship

    The Aaron Wietzel Scholarship was established in memory of Aaron who passed away in 2010, and was a proud graduate of Moeller High School. The scholarship aids a young man, who like Aaron, can continue in the proud tradition of becoming a “Man of Moeller”. The recipient must maintain at least Second Honors.
  • Jeremy Wietzel ‘95 Memorial Scholarship

  • Bro. Raymond D. Wuco, S.M. Scholarship

Named Scholarship Information

Both endowed and non-endowed scholarships typically are named in honor of an individual, family, organization, or group. This scholarship also may be a way to honor or memorialize an alumnus, faculty/staff member, student, family member, or others who may have a special connection to Moeller High School.

A scholarship can be created using a variety of assets - cash, appreciated securities, real estate or other property that can be liquidated. Additionally, deferred gifts or bequests can also be used to establish a scholarship. Deferred or planned gifts such as bequests, income producing gifts, life insurance and retirement assets can establish an endowment in the future when the gift is received.

The Moeller Scholarship Committee has established a standardized application process for Named Scholarships. 
All named scholarships are awarded on the basis of application, essay, and financial need. Students are permitted to apply for multiple scholarships. Unless noted, these scholarships are non-renewable. Upon award, the donor is notified of the name of the recipient and is provided with updates on the progress of the student along with an invitation to the annual scholarship breakfast.

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