Help Make a Man of Moeller Now and Plan for the Future! Quasi-Endowed Scholarships

A named, quasi endowed scholarship is an annual giving plan designed to award a renewable scholarship to a student from the annual gift with additional funds donated each year to eventually endow the scholarship.

To endow a $2500 named scholarship $50,000 is needed in endowment for that scholarship.

A named, quasi-endowed scholarship is an account from which payments are made from both principal and interest.

Additional contributions may be made to a quasi-endowed scholarship; however, if additional contributions are not made, payments will normally be made until all funds are expended. If at any time additional contributions raise the balance of a quasi-endowed scholarship above the minimum established for an endowed fund, then a quasi-endowed scholarship may be converted into an endowed scholarship fund.
EXAMPLE OF A FIVE YEAR PLAN TO ESTABLISH a $2500 quasi-endowed named scholarship
  • Year 1 annual gift $12,500
  • Year 2 annual gift $12,500
  • Year 3 annual gift $12,500
  • Year 4 annual gift $12,500
  • Year 5 annual gift $10,500
After the final pledge payment is completed in year 5, the donor(s) has the option to either continue adding to the quasi-endowed fund or begin using the remaining balance to award their named scholarship to a Moeller student.

Year 5 annual gift is less because the previous gifts added to the endowment have earned interest to be used for the award.

Plans can be created for multiple scholarships, larger scholarships, and longer giving plans.

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