Counseling at Archbishop Moeller High School considers the student's total growth, which means  we are most concerned with the intellectual, the moral, the emotional, and the spiritual life of each young man. Our program aims to help the student understand himself in relation to his total environment, to kindle his interests, and to develop his God-given talents.

We feel that this helps the young man squarely face his Christian commitment to justice and charity, enabling him to start making a positive contribution to society and to become an honest and upright citizen useful to his community and country.
Our ultimate goal is to provide the student with both the motivation and the training needed to deal with his total living condition and to live a full and responsible Christian life in the Marianist tradition.

As a student progresses through his years at Moeller, he is mentored by several different individuals. His assigned counselor will meet with him to help in the adjustment process, to assist with any academic or social issue that may arise, and to coordinate his college selection process. Each student is encouraged to meet regularly with his assigned counselor. Also, within our House System, each student will be influenced every day by his faculty Mentor Group leader as well as his Mentor Group peers.

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