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The curriculum at Moeller is designed to challenge every student, relative to his current level of academic progress.  The approach of our guidance counselors and academic personnel is to challenge our students, but not put them in a position of being overwhelmed.

The following is a “Top 10” points of advice that have been gathered through feedback from teachers, students, parents, counselors, and administrators:
  1. Our goal is to challenge, but not to overwhelm.
  2. Much of freshmen and sophomore year is designed to build up to the challenges of junior and senior year.
  3. As a policy, Study Halls are available, but not encouraged.  A student may only take 1 a semester, and only during junior and senior year.
  4. It is possible to mix levels.  For example, a student can take CP1 English, CP1 Level 1 Algebra, and an Honors science. 
  5. It is possible to double up math during the sophomore year.
  6. Sometimes it is not possible to schedule every class for which a student registers.
  7. As a policy, Moeller does not honor teacher requests.  We trust all members of our faculty to professionally impart the curriculum to our students. 
  8. We do have Credit Flex if a student wants to add a course, of his own design, that is not offered at Moeller.
  9. Band, Art, Honors/AP, and Support Services students frequently have to take summer PE and/or health.
  10. Any student with the possibly of being a D1 or D2 NCAA student athlete needs to establish a working relationship with his guidance counselor as soon as possible in order to assure that he is doing all the is required for the NCAA Clearinghouse. 

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