The Campaign Projects

Classroom 2.0 
Classroom 2.0 was completed in the summer of 2019.  This fully-funded renovation project is proof of Moeller’s continued commitment to the top-tier education of young men. Because classrooms aren’t the only places where students learn, we also renovated our chapel in the summer of 2019. We expanded the space for more students to worship, created a large mural of saints, and built a timeless space to pray and reflect. This is just another example of our continued focus on our Catholic, Marianist identity. 

Student Commons
Moeller’s new Student Commons features a fresh, all-you-can-eat and all-inclusive lunch program for our students. This new space helps to fulfill the Marianist commitment to building community, serving as a place where students, faculty/staff and members of the Moeller Family can gather before, during and after school. 

Band Room, Chorus Room, Locker Room
The state-of-the-art band and chorus rooms were relocated to the new Performing Arts Center. The new locker room is now housed in the Activity Center and features dedicated space for team meetings as well as all coaches’ offices. 
Bucher Athletic Complex
An impressive 30 acres of land were donated to Moeller for the growth of athletic programs. A new baseball stadium is a perfect way to honor Moeller’s rich athletic traditions.

Innovation Hub
Moeller’s Innovation Hub is designed to promote experiential learning and critical thinking as well as to enhance teacher/student relationships – one of Moeller’s greatest strengths. Housing technology, art, engineering and business classes, this unique cross-pollinated learning environment will combine the traditional classroom learning with the ability to give our students a competitive edge.

Performing Arts Center
A fully-renovated auditorium and creation of a performing arts center will enhance this already reach program at Moeller. The 500-seat theater will be a gathering space where the Moeller Family can watch performances and participate in presentations, spiritual gatherings and special events.   
The Raise the Shield campaign made endowment growth a priority so that more young men who wish to receive a Moeller education can get one, even if they don’t have the means.  
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