The Leadership

Mr. Aielli

Mr. Hertlein '00

Kyler Lunsford
Richard Obioha

Logan Stroeh
Dylan Wahl

Junior Captains
Jack Clements
Brody Hurt
Ethan Reeves

Sophomore Captains
Adam Holstein
George Pavloff
Steve Schuette

Freshman Captains

Mentor Teachers

Mr. Conlon
Mr. Crockett
Mrs. Frider
Mr. Leugers ’96
Mr. McLain
Mrs. M. Miller
Mr. Ricco
Mr. Wellen

The Story of Trinity House

Trinity House is named after the first community started in the United States by the Marianists. In 1849, the first Marianists arrived in Cincinnati from France at the request of the bishop of Cincinnati. They started teaching in grade schools and named their community the Holy Trinity Community.
The shield houses the triad symbol, representing the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is the center of our Catholic faith and represents the roles The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit play in the life of our House. The words, "Charity, Humility, Courage" are included in our crest design as they are words we strive to live by. Putting forth others, humbling ourselves and having the courage to lead others through faith is the core of our House.  

Catholic. Marianist.
Forming our Students into Remarkable Men.

Archbishop Moeller High School

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