The Leadership

House Dean
Jen Boggess

College Counselor
John Ward

Will Steele, Zach Zieleniewski

Dan Stedronski

Junior Captains
Grant Smethwick, Peter Wanning

Sophomore Captains
Ian Kowalski, Nich Leonard

Freshman Captains:

Mentor Teachers
Mr. Jackson, Mr. Kuhlman, Mr. Pokupec, Mr. Schmitt,
Mr. Thompson, Mr. Vitolo, Mr. Wainscott, Mrs. Zins-Adams 

The Story of Zaragoza House

Zaragoza, Spain is the place where Blessed William Joseph Chaminade spent his time in exile from France. While in Zaragoza, Fr. Chaminade had a vision of Mary at Our Lady of the Pillar Church. This vision inspired him to create the Society of Mary, the Marianists. Fr. Chaminade’s teaching fuel the direction and philosophy of both Moeller High School and Zaragoza House, and our House’s name pays homage to William Joseph Chaminade every time we say it.
Catholic. Marianist.
Forming our Students into Remarkable Men.

Archbishop Moeller High School

Member of the International Boys' School Coalition

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