How will a gift to the campaign affect my Annual Fund gift?
A gift to the Raise the Shield campaign will be in addition to your yearly Annual Fund gift. Moeller’s Annual Fund supports current tuition assistance needs and is part of our annual budget. This funding ensures we can provide essential programs and services, as well as award yearly tuition assistance to maintain current enrollment. The Fund is crucial to keep Moeller sustainable. If the Annual Fund doesn’t meet its goal, we will pull funds from the capital campaign.
How does Moeller’s endowment work?
Today, thanks to the generosity of alumni, parents, parents of alumni and other benefactors, Moeller’s endowment has grown to approximately $10 million.  A significant portion of the endowment is donor restricted for financial aid and our named scholarship program. Proceeds from the endowment are used to fund financial assistance. In FY 2020, Moeller awarded over $2 million to over 350 families who were unable to afford Moeller’s tuition. A larger endowment will continue to cover the cost of financial aid and will provide a non-tuition revenue stream. Moeller’s endowment is managed by Bartlett Wealth Management and operates solely for the purpose of Moeller High School.
Is the goal to bring on any more debt?
The Raise the Shield campaign will not create more debt for Moeller. The purpose of the campaign is to raise all the funds needed to meet the goal of the campaign and complete all stated projects.  
Why aren’t we doing a football field?
The 30+ acres of land were donated to Moeller for a new sports complex. At this point, the $14 million will be used primarily to address Moeller’s top priorities to renovate and expand our current campus footprint and build a baseball stadium.  
Why now?
Major improvements to the school’s classrooms, student commons and auditorium, and performing arts classrooms are overdue and will only become costlier. Classroom improvements have provided our teachers with the necessary tools to prepare today’s students for success in college and beyond. In addition, providing best-in-class facilities cannot wait any longer. The economic climate is such that raising substantial funds for major projects will only get more difficult.  
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